Russian Vehicle Addon

This is a Russian vehicle addon for OFP Resistance made by Ballistic Addon Studio (BAS).

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File Description

This is a Russian vehicle addon for OFP Resistance made by Ballistic Addon Studio (BAS).

-Screenshot coming soon-

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Addon Name: Russian OPFOR Vehicles (for OFP v. 1.85+)
Version: 1.3
By: Ballistic Addon Studios (

OFP Ed Center Code: BAS

Original Models:	Bohemia Interactive Studios
Model Conversions:    	DeadMeat, Eviscerator
Original Concept:     	DeadMeat, Eviscerator
Lead Designer:		DeadMeat
Producer:             	Tigershark
Project R&D:          	Deadmeat, Eviscerator
Textures:             	Bohemia Interactive Studios, SelectThis (for the DShK)
CPP Programming:      	Eviscerator, DeadMeat
Scripting:		Rom
Beta Testing:         	The BAS Team
Quality Assurance:    	Cassie	

Special Thanks:       	Eviscerator, SelectThis, TJ, Killswitch

1.0 (27-12-03)

- First release

1.1 (27-12-03)

- Re-released with BRDM Geometry fixed.

1.2 (28-12-03)

- Re-released with RequiredAddons declarations fixed
- Reload time added to PK

1.3 (03-03-04)

- Added working Scud launcher
- All geometries now 100% working

This addon is a model re-work created in Oxygen (OFP Modelling tool) depicting two fictional versions of the UAZ-469b and BRDM, armed with PK and DShK Machineguns.

Features include:-

- Model improvements, including fictional weapon mountings and extra armour.

- Weapons added to match the western versions of the Vehicles (PK Vs. M60, DShK Vs. M2HB)

- Configuration closely matches that of the BIS vehicles for added compatability in missions.

- Threat model tweaked so that Soft targets have priority, and then Armored and Air targets.

- Added new scripting to the Scud Launcher, to allow human players to launch Scud rockets at targets on the map.

Simply extract the BAS_RusOPFOR.pbo into your Operation Flashpoint\Addons directory


For the "East" Side

Under BAS - Vehicles

Name - classname -weapon/magazine name

wpn: 		BAS_RUSPK_Mounted
mag: 		BAS_RUSPK_Mounted

wpn: 		BAS_RUSDShK_Mounted
mag: 		BAS_RUSDShK_Mounted

"UAZ (PK)"
wpn: 		BAS_RUSPK_Mounted
mag: 		BAS_RUSPK_Mounted

"UAZ (DShK)"
wpn: 		BAS_RUSDShK_Mounted
mag: 		BAS_RUSDShK_Mounted

"Scud TEL"
ClassName: 	BAS_TEL
wpn:		n/a
mag:		n/a

Scud Launcher useage

With BAS_Scud_Accuracy you can set the accuracy of the missiles in meter
BAS_Scud_Accuracy = 50 would mean that the missile impacts roughly within a radius of 50m around the selected target.

If the normal actions are used to launch the scud, the script quits since there is no way to detect when the scud is launched without running a constantly looping script.

To use the Scud:

You must be the leader of the group, and within ~5 meters of the Scud Launcher.

Select "Launch Scud at target" from the action menu.

Go to the Map view, and click ONCE over your intended target.

Sit back and watch that rocket fly!


For more info please email [email protected]


Please visit the OFP Editing Center for further updates and discussions of this addon.

This is NOT an official Addon. You know the drill! Use it at your own risk.

Enjoy the addon!

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