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This addon includes three "new" weapons and three units to use them. The weapons are smoke-shell-launching versions of the M16, AK47 and AK...


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This addon includes three "new" weapons and three units to use them. The weapons are smoke-shell-launching versions of the M16, AK47 and AK74. Each weapon will launch a grey, a red, and a green smoke-shell.

The weapons work perfectly and there are no obvious bugs. The presentation is slightly off because the author has tried to squeeze the word "SIMSmokeGrenadeLauncher" in as the weapon name which clogs up the window at the top left and gives the impression that it has been crammed in.

The author has included a massive readme describing the addon and its history but has neglected or forgotten to include installation instructions.

Other than those two faults the addon works perfectly but it is hard to see a use for it other than in very specific circumstances, so unless you need it specifically for a mission do not bother with it.

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Download 'simsmoke_weapons.pbo' (7KB)

SIM Smoke Weapons, by Simonpro of the OFP EditingCenter:

This addon comprises of three new weapons, and three new units. All of these are based around the concept of a smoke grenade launcher. First up is the M16 Smoke. This is basically an M16/203 which fires gray, red, and green smoke shell in addition to normal grenades. An M1 Smoke Soldier has been added to the units menu in the editor - this has the M16 Smokegun and three smoke shells - one gray, one green and one red.
Also included are the AK74 smoke and AK47 smoke. These are basically the same as the M16/203 but with the characteristics of their parent rifle - the Ak74 or AK47. Again soldiers have been included, one under each sides units list.
For use with the addweapon, addweaponcargo, addmagazine....commands:
The ammo for the weapons are:
AK74SmokeLauncher and
These are for the standard gray shells, for coloured shells simply add red or green to the end:
M16SmokeLaunchergreen, M16SmokeLauncherRed etc

The weapons are:
SIMAK74SmokeLauncher and

Thanks for downloading this addon, I hope you have fun using it, very useful in multiplayer games!

Quick tip: If your good you can shoot a smokeshell at a vehicle. Trucks and tanks are easiest while planes are nearly impossible, bu if you fire the shell correctly it can become stuck to the vehicle. Meaning the driver cannot see out! ;)

V2.1 - Final version, updated to meet OFPEC Addon Depot standards.
V2.0 - AK74 and AK47 added.
V1.9 - Minor bug fixes in code.
V1.8 - Sound files removed due to some problems.
V1.7 - Added red and green shells. INITIAL RELEASE
V1.6 - Added the smoke effects.
V1.5 - Created new class of grenades for the smokeshells.
V1.4 - Added new M16 class.
V1.3 - Decided to scrap the UH60 smoke launcher (approx one hour after V1.2).
V1.2 - Tried to create a UH60 smoke launcher.
V1.1 - Created smoke rockets for use with aircraft.
V1.0 - Decided to create something with smokeshells.

Maybe I went a bit OTT with the history but you must admit that it's comprehensive!

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