Skydiving addon



An interesting skydiving addon by Philcommando. It should be great for HALO missions.

This addon uses the standard BIS soldier unit as the paratrooper. However you can use other soldier unit to put on the parachute. Its found under West air class - PC Halo Parachute.

Once u click on the unit, you must set it to 'flying' and setpos it up high - more than 500 preferably to see the Halo effect.

This addon is configured not to open the chute at whatever height until 300metres where it will automatically open the chute. At 10m - it will automatically 'flare' the parachute - brake - just like the real thing and land u safely, - please dont attempt to slow it down on your own, after which the parachute will err...automatically bury itself into the ground! Everything is on auto-mode for your convenience - you only need to glide yourself close to the objective.

Attached is a demo mission to show how u can exit from an air craft at 1000m height and zoom off with an Empty class parachute with a trigger using another unit

Bugs:- some island spots seem to have holes and the parachute cant read the height will suspend it midair.

Ai can NEVER land safely with this parachute. Hope some scripter can help to make the paradiving experience more 'team' real.

Real Halo starts at 21,000ft with proper equipment, but in ofp at that height u wont see anything and would take a long time to drift down, so i didnt plan any new model for it. However if u wish to have your own model, just go to the config and and change the unit to your own. Have fun!


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