Soviet Army Uniform - Paratroopers

Provides retextured Paratroopers forces for the Soviet army.


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Provides retextured Paratroopers forces for the Soviet army.

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Soviet Army Uniform Pack 2.0
by the Austrian Scripting Front, aka David Berka

This Addon adds a big number of different Soviet troops to OFP, to reflect the diversity of the different units of the Red Army.

Changes from v1.0 to v1.1:
* naming updated to go with Ed Center Addon naming convention, all untit names and classes now start with the prefix ASF.

Changes from v1.1 to v1.2:
* added additional Speznas troops
* moved Marine Speznas to Speznas troops
* added Speznas Group Section

Changes from v1.2 to v2.0:
* addon now works with HW T&L
* addon has been split up in several PBO files, to make updating easier and to enable the user, to just download the uniforms he wants

Installation notes:

Simply unzip the ZIP files into your ADDON directory! The new files replace the old ASF_SovUnis.pbo, which has to be deleted!

Please visit the OFP Editing Center for further updates and discussions of this addon.

This is NOT an official Addon. You know the drill! Use at your own risk.


Soviet Paratroopers v1.0

The Soviet paratrooper divisions were taken out of the controll of the Soviet airforce in 1946 and was designated as a strategic reserve and put under direct controll of the Soviet defense ministry, and from that time on it developed as an independent force, the "Vozduschno Desantnaya Voyska" (airborne force), and the VDV divisions were assigned key roles in the Soviet intervention policy. The Desantniki, the Soviet paratroopers, wear a light blue barett and they also wear the white and blue striped shirt, which came from the Soviet navy and was derived from the flag-signal "board and sink".


under East / men:

"ASF Para Officer"
"ASF Para Officer (night eq.)"
"ASF Para Soldier"
"ASF Para Grenadier"
"ASF Para MG"
"ASF Para Marksman"
"ASF Para Medic"
"ASF Para RPG"
"ASF Para AT"
"ASF Para AA"
"ASF Para Engineer"
"ASF Para Saboteur"

"ASF Para Officer (light)"
"ASF Para Officer (light, night eq.)"
"ASF Para Soldier (light)"
"ASF Para Grenadier (light)"
"ASF Para MG (light)"
"ASF Para Marksman (light)"
"ASF Para Medic (light)"
"ASF Para RPG (light)"
"ASF Para AA (light)"
"ASF Para Saboteur (light)"



NEW categories under East:

* ASF Paratroopers

ASF Paratroopers:

"Paratrooper Squad"
"Paratrooper Troop"
"Paratrooper Scout Troop"
"Mechanized Paratrooper Squad"
"Paratrooper Squad, light"
"Paratrooper Troop, light"
"Paratrooper Scout Troop, light"


Please mail any suggestions, errors or comments to!

Have fun with the addon!

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