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Sovremennyy Class Destroyers by Philcommando


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Sovremennyy Class Destroyers by Philcommando

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Sovremennyy Class Destroyers by
Philcommando 26 Mar 2005

A plug and play ship.Found on Eastern armored side

Just place it on the map, put some west air or ships, and it auto reacts.
For cannons(AK130), it cant shoot downwards, but the 2guns(ak630) at the top can do so

To shoot Moscit/Moskit missiles,
1. Name the ship
2. Name the object as targetplane1 ~ targetplane4. Predetermined names for missile cam to work.
3. click on launch moskit
4. click on launch SatView to view the target being destroyed if u want.
5. In Satveiw, u cant do anything, once target is destroyed, it will go back to main view.
6. There are options for targets and satview for up to 4 times.

Some codes you may need:-
1. To launch moscit missiles by trigger:-
[this, MCmissile, pilot1, [7, 45, 10, 0]] exec ""\PCdestroyer1\scripts\moscitlaunch.sqs"

Update 25th Apr 2005:-
1. Cannons can now engage coastal targets
2. Aquisition Targets Fire (AgTgFire):- long range artillery at a click of the button as long as u name the targets target1 ~ target8
3. Ship no longer 'floats' at fast speeds.

Have fun!!

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