STT Desert Malden

Desert Map based on the original Malden Island, grass was replaced with sand and forests/trees with rocks.


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Desert Map based on the original Malden Island, grass was replaced with sand and forests/trees with rocks.

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// STT Desert Malden version 1_00

// By SelectThis 20 December 2001
// Thanks to Ebud and Bibmi (East uniform base) for uniform textures and to Kegetys and zwadar for their pioneering work with the making of new islands for OFP.

This addon provides a new desert island based on the original Malden map.
Desert camo versions with wound textures of the standard soldiers and snipers have been provided for all 3 sides.


note: Requires OFP version 1_30 or higher.

Extract the zip file into an empty folder.

You will extract the following files:
sttabel_desert.wrp (map file)
STTAbel_DesertAnim (cutscene folder)
sttabeldes.pbo (map pbo)

Move the STTabel_desert.wrp file into your OFP/Worlds folder
Move the folder STTAbel_DesertAnim and the 4 PBO files (STTAbelDes.pbo, sttdesertsoldierse.pbo, sttdesertsoldiersg.pbo and sttdesertsoldiersw.pbo) into your OFP/Addons folder.

The desert soldiers will be available under the Side/Man caetgories and have names starting with "Desert" and ending with "STT" (eg Desert Soldier STT).
Groups can be found under the category titled "Desert Infantry" for each of the 3 sides.
Missions are saved with the suffix "#####.sttabel_desert"

Details of changes to the Malden Map:

-Land textures have been edited to desert colors.
-Removed the forests completely, they are now just empty spaces.
-Replaced the trees with various rocks and bushes.
-Reduced the number of items on the map.
-Custom texture bushes to better blend in with the landscape.
-Custom Road and Airfield textures.
-Renamed the towns to fictious ones and replaced various town signs that were inappropriate.
-Removed rocks that infringed on town spaces and roads.
-Steel Street Lights changed to Wooden types.

Details of changes to Desert Soldiers:

-Custom desert uniforms for West, East, Resistance soldiers.
-The desert uniforms show blood when injured.
-Medics and Snipers have full 10 slot loadouts.
-Equipped a standard Resistance unit with the standard SVDDragunov.
-Groups include a medic.
-All units inherit directly from their base non-desert classes.
Resistance Sniper inherits abilities from the East Sniper.
-Units use the same weapons and ammo as their non-desert camo versions.

Please visit the OFP Editing Center for further updates and discussions of this addon.

This is NOT an official Addon. You know the drill! Use at your own risk.

This map was made using UltraEdit, Photoshop and the various tools for editing p3d and pbo files.

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