SWAT Units

sgtev_swat_beta1.rar —


Each camo version also has 4 different model features; SWAT Assaulter + M4 Mag pouches, SWAT Assaulter + MP5 Mag pouches, SWAT Sniper, SWAT Officer without gear, and an extra a SWAT Neogociator. The release also features a wide open variety of patches. You can change the patches using setobjecttexture. (Check readme for more). Sgt_Eversmann also created some weapon variations based on the SJB Weapon pack. M16 Tactical Carbine, HK 416, M40A3, and various fictionous AK 47 variants for Terrorists are included. And lastly a Arresting script is planned for the future.

the password is : anno


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