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SFP 4.0.1 the first patch


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* PvPj 1110 90mm Anti-Tank cannon has been added under Crew-Served Weapons.
* A single-player mission for the PvPj 1110 has been added.
* Two new groups have been added in the mission editor, Infantry (1960) Rifle Squad and Infantry (1970) Rifle Squad

* Fixed a bug with all the crew-served weapons which prevented people from using them properly.
* Changed the swedish names so that the Armoured Vehicles vehicle-classes were translated to Splitterskyddade Fordon.
* Fixed a bug with the P226 pistol which prevented it from loading its magasines.
* Fixed a bug with the Flaregun 80 which prevented it from firing.
* Reduced the number of soldiers in the MOUT Infantry Patgb203 group by three, so they will all fit inside the vehicle.
* Fixed an error-message that was shown when the J29 crashed with afterburners engaged.
* Fixed a texture-error on the soldiers where they had two right-boots.
* Fixed some bugs in the Hold the Line, Devils Bridge and Last Line MP missions.
* A temporary fix was made to the Strv 122 sight by lowering the resolution from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024, we are working on a permanent (better) fix.

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