A new mediterranean/subtropical island for Operation Flashpoint.

Features: - Lush tropical nature and a desert - NO extra add-ons needed (Although it uses Ebud's tropical trees) - Single missions and Multiplayer Missions (+ one huge Co-op mission!) - Nothing is changed in the Mission Editor interface, ultimate compatibility - Transparant installation; Island intro and Mission Editor icon provided.

View screenshots and see readme for more details:









Released on Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Name: 			Texel

Author:			HighWire (My name is also pretty well known in the Duke Nukem 3D Community 
			which is still alive and kicking ever since the game got ported to Windows.)

How to reach author:	PM me at the Bohemia Interactive Studio's Forum:

Type of Addon:		Island,
			Missions (Single and Multiplayer)

Description:		A mediterranean/tropical themed island complete with an airport, towns and 
			villages, a harbour, lush nature, and a desert area.

			Texel is the westernmost Frysian island in the Netherland, of which it's 
			geography has been used. Texel in real life has a sea climate and doesn't 
			resemble it's representation in this Add-on at all. (Just as much Kolgujev 
			borrows it's geographical features from Tenerife)

Used editors:		Visitor, PAAtool, Texview 2, GIMP, Oxygen, etc, etc

Construction time:	Development started on November 19th 2008 and was finished in January 25th 2009.

Borrowed Resources:	Ebud's tropical plants from his Ilo Ilo island:

			Several aspects of the models have been modified (view geometry fix)
			All custom plants are Ebud's, so they are NOT mine. Ebud intentionally
			made them available for other island creators, which I gracefully 
			took advantage of.

			Bohemia Interactive's original missions: 
			Bomberman, Ground Attack, Battlefield, and Heavy Metal. 

			These missions have been ported to the new island. They are modified 
			by me, but they're NOT mine.

			Kronzky's Urban Patrol Script:

			The script has been used in the 'Dunes of Hostility' multiplayer mission.

Files:			AddonsTexel.pbo			- The entire addon, including it's objects
			AddonsTexelintro.texelmission.sqm	- Island intro
			AddonsTexelintro.texelcamera.sqm	- Island intro cam script
			MissionsTexel01Bomberman.texel.pbo	- 'Bomberman' mission made by Bohemia Interactive (edited by HighWire)
			MissionsTexel02Helitrain.texel.pbo	- 'Ground Attack' mission made by Bohemia Interactive (edited by HighWire)
			MissionsTexel03Battlefields.texel.pbo - 'Battlefields' mission made by Codemasters(?) (edited by HighWire)
			MissionsTexel04HeavyMetal.texel.pbo	- 'Heavy Metal' mission made by Bohemia Interactive (edited by HighWire)
			MPmissions1-8_D_FlagFight.texel.pbo	- 'FlagFight' multiplayer mission
			MPmissions2-12_T_SectorControl.pbo	- 'Sector Control' multiplayer mission
			MPmissions1-52_C_Dunes.texel.pbo	- 'Dunes of Hostility' multiplayer mission

Installation:		Extract the .rar file into the ROOT folder of Operation Flashpoint (EG: c:program filescodemastersoperation flashpoint)

Dunes of Hostility:	With an acceptable amount of players (at least one commander per available squad), it is possible to play this mission 
			in which everyone gets to be what he/she wants to be. (Infantry, Tank crew, Pilots)

			Players need to cooperate in order to seize the entire southern half of the island, which is cluttered with tanks and 
			infantry of the enemy. With extensive use of GUARD waypoints and Kronzky's Urban Patrol Script, prepare yourself 
			for a long, large, and varying battle!

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