NCC-1804 along with a standard Constitution class ship armed with a heavy accelerator cannon.The ship is more accurate in appearance with a higher detailed secondary hull. Theships come in west UFP units, with East and resistence units represented by the Terran Empirecomes forces. Each available individually as seperate addons, requiring only the texture addon (cj_ftex) to use.Specifically to this pack are nacelle registries that appear well on some video cards and not clear but not bad on others(I tried them on more than one machine). ISS is prior to name registry on Terran Units as well, with raised nacelles to near proper height and to proper size. Units appear as they should in their role having the variances between Terran Forces and the Federation. Also included is the improved damage and strength to fuel supply, as will all my future final releases will have.Third, I did some major modifications to the bridges giving them a true TOS style look, and the phasers are also in the new accurate blue color. I will be releasing a few more of this era hero ships in the future, as well as my TNG addons once completed and tested, now detailed once more in a project file.Thanks!!!CJ


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