UKF L96 A1

ukf_l96a1.rar —


As an early(ish) christmas present, we are releasing our Accuracy International L96A1 pack, featuring five different accuratly modeled, detailed and textured rifles, as well as accurate, zeroed sights and authentic sounds, as seen in service with the British forces. These rifles offer a variety of differently customised weapons which we hope offer a few toys to play with, along with what Santa brings you ;D

We hope you enjoy the addon, as much as we have had testing it, and redoing the model and textures over again to get something we all felt was of a high enough standard. Thanks to GOTF for hosting the file again, and thanks to Jackal326 for his help and generosity in allowing us to use and modify his bipod model and textures, among other things, to our needs. Merry christmas and a happy new year.


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