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The OFPEC Review

What can I say... wow...

This addon, is... well, supreme.

In this review I will focus mainly on the Scripti...


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The OFPEC Review

What can I say... wow...

This addon, is... well, supreme.

In this review I will focus mainly on the Scripting side of the pack, as I know (and will tell you) that all the models in the pack, with the exception of the SEB M252 Mortar, are all work in progress.

The scripting however, is a work of art. Unlike ALL the other Artillery scripts out there, this one IS REAL artillery, without any camcreate, or other "fake" scripting methods.

The shells that are fired from the guns are the very same shells that will deliver their death and destruction to the enemy.

I love the way that the CoC has, like all their other script addons, made this system modular, so that anyone who wishes to use their own units in conjunction with CoC UA can do so. However, the scripting in this addon is not fot the feint-hearted, as it can and does get very complex.

The artillery, once you get used to using it, is very easy to control, and you can rain death on your opponents or just soften them up for an impending attack. The great thing about UA, is that if you are unlucky enough to be on the recieving end of the artillery strike, then the "death cam" will send your point of view flying back across the map to the very same unit that fired the killing shot. Unlike so many other artillery addons, that simply camcreate the shells above the target position. To use the artillery, you must have either a Forward Observer, or any unit equipped with any SEB or BAS radio. Once the Forward Observer has control of the artillery units, its simply a matter of clicking on the map, and setting how many rounds you want each weapon to fire.

My only beef with this addon is, as with a lot of addons, the sounds are a little weak. When the artillery fires, I'd want my ears blown off, much as in real life. Unfortunately, they sound like overpowered popguns. BUT at the range you'll be from the pieces when they fire, this doesnt matter too much.

As usual, and excellent addon from the Chain of Command, big pats on the back all round, a must have addon.

I will stress: Read the Readme, and play the demo missions, you wont be able to effectively use UA without doing so.

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