Vega Pack Final



original USS Vega NCC-1806, One of my connies done with more detail and a dual beam bank appearancethat shows even on ofp v1.20.These ships first are more accurate in appearance with a higher detailed secondary hull and deflector and all in this pack are seperate addons, there are west (Starfleet) and some for resistence (Terran Empire Starfleet), and the standard classes are also available for the east (TE or Terran Empire).Second, I did the ship with accurate details terran symbols and the ISS prior to name registry, also raised nacelles to proper height and size. Also included is the improved damage and strength to fuel supply, only requiring the texture addon.Third, I did a dual beam bank that when fires appears as two beams, it is also in the new accurate blue color, also worth noting some use a hybrid of the Federation Class secondary hull, and one west ship with dual red beams. I will be releasing a few more of this era hero ships in the future, as well as my TNG addons once completed and tested, as well as a few new things like a simple, small TE Resistence side crewmen pack and a simple, small TOS west crewmen pack (for those who want to use a smaller addon of TOS personnel). Also some stations TOS era design that will be both ground and aerial based.Thanks!!!CJ


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