have time to finish some textures on them (propably march 2011, maybe sooner).All of these craft feature higher speed, better armored secitons, armored fuel with extremely large capacity, now having less crashes at high speed due to improvement on config for they're manueverability and steer ahead plan.The Earth style ships are based on Prime reality on West side, XI reality on Resistence side, and Terran Empire on Resistence and East sides. The Klingon D-7's are on the East side as well.Along with Vesper Classes are some connie tos heros. with some improved designs and details using a smaller addon as a weapons file.The Klingon pack has rougher looking textures to reseamble battle scars, and there is now a Klingon Warbird from the XI era. Also included is a few XI ships I did.New weapon style with an improved spread on certain weapons.All require only ofp v1.20 (maybe prior to any who have it), and the Vespers and Klingons require texture file cj_ftex (included) only.Thanks!!!CJ


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