Will add Reflactions From ARMA



d3d8.dll into your windows systemdirectory, doing so will break Direct3D from your system!Dxdll adds various effects to OFP, including postprocessingeffects, reflective water and other enhancements. Postprocessing effects include hard light effect, desaturationeffect and glare effect. For more information run the configu-rator. All postprocessing effects require a video card withat least pixel shader v1.1 support. Water reflections requireenvironmental bumpmampping and render to texture support.Most effects and settings can also be changed with variousin-game shortcuts, press the application key and 'H' whileplaying for more information. When changing settings in-game,they are not saved into the configuration so if you want todo permanent changes you need to edit the configuration.Note that due to the way the DLL works, it is likely that there are compatibility problems with some video cards. If youencounter problems, try these procedures:- Disable some effects from the DXDLL configuration- Make sure HW T&L is enabled from OFP Preferences- Make sure multitexturing is enabled from video options- Try increasing the texture size settings from OFP Preferences- Try changing to 16bit or 32bit color- Decrease the hardware acceleration setting from windows display properties- Make sure you have the latest drivers installed for you video cardTo uninstall dxdll, remove the d3d8.dll file from OFP directory.


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