Y2K3 7.3 Patch

New: *T72 (east & res) from ORCS *T80 (east & res) from ORCS *M2 (East) changed to the CSLA mounted dshk (same hight as the orginal M2)...


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New: *T72 (east & res) from ORCS *T80 (east & res) from ORCS *M2 (East) changed to the CSLA mounted dshk (same hight as the orginal M2) but the ammo remains KORD ammo in 100 round magazines same as the west M2 to keep things balanced and realistic. *Beretta 92F and Glock 17 models replaced with SJB models (sounds and optics unchanged) *BMP from ORCS *Pilot swaped for Lasers US Army Pilot and attack pilot. (attack pilots are in AH1 and AH64)

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Download 'y2k373patch.exe' (43.59MB)

*Motorcycle will feature a phantom cargo proxy to keep mission compatibility

*East & West tanks will now be balanced with armor and weapon changes. the M60 has a new gun and ammo configuration and both the T72 and T80 will have the same ORCS gun and ammo (both res and east sides)... however the T55 remains unchanged and still remains to be the rotton old out dated peice of shit it is so takinga t55 into an armor battle is like bringing a rubber mallet to a gun fight.

*3D Craters featured under all APC and Armored vehicles as well as randomly placed under cars, crashed planes, and crashed helos. completly random for the last 3 items but 100% for the tanks and APC's. assuming the tank isnt burning the craters also ofer little, but some, protection from enemy fire.

*In keeping game fairness anti-tank weapons including the AT4, the Satchel Charges, the Mines, but the AT weapons for east and west remain the same.. after testing 1 hit from the AT weapon disables the tank enough the crew bails out.


Y2K3 7.3 Patch (43MB)

Known Bugs: crater sometimes apperes to be 4 feet high.. this happens sometimes when a tank is blown clear into the air, its rare but it does occur

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