Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint World War 3 Update

Here we have another update from RobDog312 about his mod / campaign. I expect something better then the stock campaign as normal when your done rob. Due to lack of help and my lack of experience in addon editing (cant really make troops and vehicles very well) I will be converting the world war 3 project to a campaign. The campaign will be at least 20 mis...


Operation Flashpoint Jurassic park, more news?

wingsken? Has this to say: Hello, yet again someone has started building a whole mod on ofp resistance, called Jurassic park. and considering all the other mods have gone dead, i wanted a good working one. We are with a team of 2 but could need all the help we can get. if you're interested contact me on: wingsken@hotmail.com If anyone else has news to...


Operation Flashpoint Kolgujev Territory Force

Ironsight has almost completed the work on his small addon; the Kolgujev Territory Force. The KTF pack will consist of a few infantry types and some light vehicles. The KTF mostly consists of ethnic Kolgujevians from neighbouring islands. They are only there for peacekeeping and fighting communist insurgents on the island. There's very little support, ver...


Operation Flashpoint Camp Craft

Addon maker Al Simmons has started his Camp Craft Project to add realistic camping equipment for OFP including military and civillian versions. Currently only the camp fires will be useful for OFP, the rest of the camp addons will be more useful for cutscenes in missions etc. P.S. The first screenshot is a toilet.


Operation Flashpoint Delta Wing Trike

blackjack is almost finished his unusual addon for OFPR whcih is a flying trike with a delta wing, quite a cool addon. Here are a couple screens.


Operation Flashpoint Many files to come?

okay from what I can tell , there seems to be a 6 park rar file in the email , from the txt in the email I am quessing it's a TON of missions considering the names of the emails were tadcofarm 2 islands 60 to 70 missions I will open the bad boys up and take a look , maybe I will find my way out soon to post them :| Update , seems there far more then that...


Operation Flashpoint Luna-M Scud Launcher

On the BIS forums ramboofp posted two screenshots of his WIP Luna-M Scud Launcher. These look like they could earn a place in total conversion mods like Y2K3 or FFUR!


Operation Flashpoint SJB Work in Progress Screenshots - HK416

On the BIS Forums Jackel326 posted screen shots of his work on the HK416. Check em' out. The updated HK416 with detachable rear-iron sight, http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/15/others/sjbhk416 The updated HK416 with Aimpoint sight, http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/15/others/sjb416ap The updated HK416 with EOTech Holographic sight, http://scr...


Operation Flashpoint Terminator Addons

XPETIT updated his terminator addons and released some new ones along with 2 missions. Terminator T800 - Download Laser Gun - Download Hunter Killer - Download HK Aerial - Download T850 - Download Terminator II Mission - Download Terminator III Mission - Download