Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint Everon Defense Forces - Screenshots

At the moment we are working hard on the EDF pack 1. The pack will include an upgraded version of the infantry with many new variants and their own set of weapons. The UR-416 with it's variants will hopefully also be in the next pack but it still needs some serious work so no guarantees. In the first pic you will see we updated the heads with Llauma's hea...


Operation Flashpoint Pilcommando Releases New Ship Addons

Philcommando has just released to the public his set of navy ships which include: Tarawa-Class Landing Ship LCAC Hovercraft 3 Japanese Navy Ships Cargoship Soviet Sovremmeny-Class Destroyer These addons can be downloaded from this site. Some quick real life info on these ships: Tarawa Class - The primary war-fighting mission of the LHA-1...


Operation Flashpoint New Red Hammer Studios Screenshots

Shadow NX has released some new screenshots of Red Hammer Studios' Hind Helicopters on the BI Forums. These should be finished shortly, according to a team member.


Operation Flashpoint <-.SWAT.->'d - UAZ- 469

has published screens of his UAZ-469, the police version. He also plans a civil and a military version.


Operation Flashpoint Let there be light

Here is a nice mod that gives you a flash light so you can shine some light onto your situation, there are some bugs to be worked out expecting some fixes soon. Download link click here


Operation Flashpoint MI26 update plus mission pack

The guys at OUR Weapons released a new version of their successful MI26 addon. It also includes missions so those hardcore fans can play with the toy. Enjoy DOWNLOAD MI26 PATCH 1.1 DOWNLOAD Mission pack for MI26


Operation Flashpoint HMMWV (D.R.C.T.)

MC227 has released some screenshots of the upcoming HMMWV addon. The models will eventually include scripts that automatically open doors and the ability to contol certain aspects via the menu.


Operation Flashpoint SPG 2S1 Gvodzika 122mm Howitzer screenshot

MekBat-Jim is working on the SPG 2 SI Gvodzika 122 mm Howitzer and plans to release it soon. He will work on 3 como's for itt. Winter, normal, and desert.


Operation Flashpoint King Homer & Inquisitor's M1A2 screenshots

King Homer and Inquisitor is working on an M1A2. The complete model is reworked now and we're working on some nice features like different name tags on the cannon and turret. We included a muddy/snowy winter version of the green M1 for all winter freaks. The scripts are working properly now and we're trying to ge...


Operation Flashpoint XM109 AntiMaterial Sniper Progress

5133p39 modeled an antimaterial sniper rifle, but needs help with the skins. If you can help him, give him an email at 5133p39@email.cz , or post in this thread.


Operation Flashpoint Malvin Mod ch47 screenshots

The guys at the Malvin mod released new screenshots of their ch47.


Operation Flashpoint Laser's rangers & delta units screenshots.

Addon maker Laser sent ofp.cz some screenshots of his work in progress. Looks good.


Operation Flashpoint King Tiger screenshots

The talented addon maker John released a few screenshots of his very good looking tiger 2. He is also working on two other projects and thats the reason the pack isnt out yet. On the tank you can see the "fake" bumpmapping effects since ofp doesn't support real bumpmapping. Looks very good as always.


Operation Flashpoint Nuclear Scud Launcher Released

DSF Productions have released Beta 4 of their nuclear-tipped Scud Launcher. It's very much a work in progress and the final version will include bug fixes and different types of warhead, including chemical. We'll keep you updated. Download.


Operation Flashpoint B.B.S. Team Island

A German team, Black Burned Steel have been working on an island and released a couple of screenshots recently. The island looks gorgeous and I'd advise you to keep an eye on it, although we will do that for you as well. The team and the site that hosted the item are entirely German-speaking, and with my basic German all I can decipher is that it's an isla...