Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint Ni Ireland Mod - New Pictures

I checked out the new NI Mod website and found some new impressive pictures of their upcoming addons:


Operation Flashpoint Nogovan Armed Forces - New Pictures

I found these lovely pictures in what appears to be vehicles and infantry of the Nogovan Armed Forces:


Operation Flashpoint Homeland Island By BergHoff

The topic was posted on 09/02/05, it looks very promising with many new textures and vegetation Greetings everyone. I'm working on my last Island called Homeland. Homeland consist of a fictional island group. Size of entire map is 512x512 (or 25x25km I guess?) and the island group will have a Desert/Jungle at the south, a Winter Island with many m...


Operation Flashpoint Searchlight Addon Near Completion

Motho has released information about a new searchlight he is working on. The model will be an authenticate WW2-era skylight, which will shine light in a cone-shape up onto the sky (see the screenshots). Motho says that the config file (the thing telling OFP's engine what do do) is complete but the model needs a little work.


Operation Flashpoint M1A2 SEP Update

King Homer released some screenshots of his M1A2. FIXES: addon dependency declaration - fixed xml logos - fixed engine sounds - fixed (thx to bobcatt)


Operation Flashpoint New Canberra Model from the Bushfire Mod Team

The Bushfire Mod team has released a new model of their in-developement Canberra Aircraft. Credits go to Footmunch for the model and the base textures.


Operation Flashpoint Screenshots from Hitman

Hitman (aka Alex) has sent flashpoint.ru some photoes of the addon which has formely been paft of the Speznaz mod but which has now seperated....


Operation Flashpoint Philcommando's tiger

Philcommando made a tiger, to add to the atmosphere in ofp. Features: 1. Tiger will move to your position closest and attack you, whereever u are, one end of the map to another. 2. Plug and play addon, scripts built within. 3. If u intend to play as the tiger, the script will eject u out for u are a human, not an animal. Issu...


Operation Flashpoint Chopper Autopilot

This little example mission shows some kind of autopilot. The autopilot lets your chopper fly constantly in a height of 25 m above the ground, automatically. With the autopilot you can easily fly over steep cliffs. Flying over high houses can lead to crashs anyway. The correction of your flying height is done with the SetVelocity command. The script is sc...


Operation Flashpoint Oil Pack

The guys at Mapfact.net released some screenshots of their almost finished Oil Pack. It will includes walkable oil pipelines, and scripts for damage, fire, and other things. Get ready map makers, you don't want to miss this.


Operation Flashpoint Sneak peek at Mi-8 add-on from "Our Weapons"

Thanks to the latest information from the add-on makers, we now know that Mi-8 is the next project of "Our Weapons." One of the authors has said that the model contains a minimal amount of textures. Thus making it a quite interesting add-on. We shall see what happens, but for now take a look...


Operation Flashpoint CSJ Ox Cart

I made these for Nam style maps but will suit most others The Ox moo's and swings its head and tail. Legs are animated. There are 2 usable carts. Plain and hay plus a broken cart, empty cart and destroyed cart. Download Link


Operation Flashpoint Re-Textured - Hyakushiki Modern US Troop

Brand New Re-Textured Hyakushiki Modern US Troop, idea for all those urban fighting missions the US army needs under take, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- NUT Urban U.S. Marine Corp Retexture ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Model and all other...


Operation Flashpoint Suchey's Updated Marines and LAV-25 by Wilco

Wilco his Retextured version of Suchey's USMC addon on the Bi Forums The pack also includes his LAV25, a retexture of the CAF LAV25 addon. Here is a list of known bugs: -No wound textures, Will add in next release. -AA and Sniper classes were deleted in config but SOMEHOW still show up, if anyone can help me on this feel free to check out the config....


Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer Studio Website Is Back

Their new website looks promising, Forums are working, they are only waiting for their downloads to be ready otherwise there website is already and a working. Besides their new website they hav released three several nice teaser shots of there upcoming T80 pack Red Hammer Studios