Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint Xtreme Defence Force

http://img239.exs.cx/img239/5127/xdf2kd.jpg Oosh has posted information about the Xtreme Defence Force server on our forums. He is also looking for members for the clan so see the forums for details. Role: The role of the Xtreme Defence Force is to operate as realistically as possible and to reflect the actual Australian Defence Force as closely as it...


Operation Flashpoint Street Pack In Progress

JungleRot is making a street pack addon. Some of the models will be sidewalks, newspaper machines, soda machines, cones, construction models, etc


Operation Flashpoint Middle East Rebels Pack Images

John J. Rambo has released some screens of his upcoming Middle East Rebels Pack. *Information from gamezone.cz


Operation Flashpoint Invasion 1944 - New Corn Picture

Jean christophe posted images of his cornfield that he is working on for invion 1944.


Operation Flashpoint LWP MOD Screens

LWP MOD have released of their ASU-85, have have told that it is soon be completed. Looks good so far...


Operation Flashpoint US Civil War Mod News

US Civil War Mod have told on the Forums some news about an update which they will make to the mod... We have currently also not decided to add blood textures. In an already strained mod graphicwise (especially if you play with lots of units in large battles), extra textures would only hamper performance further. I personally also don't want to turn thi...


Operation Flashpoint Mapfact Nogova Updated Island Screenshot

Mapfact.Net has posted a new image on the BI Forums of their of their upcoming Updated Nogova Island called Mapfact Nogova.


Operation Flashpoint Irish Troop Pack Screenshots

Pathy (Pathfinder) has posted some new screens of the upcoming Irish Troop Pack on the Forums .


Operation Flashpoint Wolfbane's New Tracer Effects

Wolfbane has released a new tracer script on the BI Forums to provide a bit more realistic tracerrounds for machinegun units mainly. This is addon aims to provide a bit more realistic tracerrounds for machinegun units mainly. It can be used with non-machinegun units too but its not really recommended. Since the script doesn´t keep track of what kind o...


Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer Studios New Screens

Shadow NX from Red Hammer Studios posted some new images of their Motor Rifle Men and their T80.


Operation Flashpoint mr.bean's sandy rocks island

mr.bean is back and has released some excellent screenshots of his sandy rocks island.


Operation Flashpoint The GDI Disruptor reworked and 80%

C&C Mod for OFP have released screens for their GDI Disruptor. It has: -> Explode Script -> Fire Script (BETA) -> Original Fire Sound ________________________ ->Model by Sen†ry ->Hull Textured by Ville Valo ->Cockpit Textured by Brataccas ->Cockpit Model by God of Death ->Sounds by Rico ->Fire Script by NeoArmageddon ->Explosion Script...