Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint William Porter Blog Updated!

William Porter has updated his blog again with some information about a little accident he got in which also shows a screenshot of a US truck and HMMWV. Porter also mentions a Captain Armstrong, remind of any characters from OFP? Remember the whole ‘running into an MP hummer’ thing? Well, tur...


Operation Flashpoint Radio Check OFP Podcasts

BAS_Tigershark who was once part of the legendary Ballistic Addon Studios team has pioneered the Radio Chech Podcasts. In these podcasts BAS_Tigershark will interview various members of the communtiy and get their opinions on things such as addons to ArmA. Two episodes of Radio Chech have already be...


Operation Flashpoint Games.lt Armed Assault Interview - NEW AI INFO

Untitled Document Interview ArmA Games.lt Interview Overview Name of Mag/Web: Games.lt Format/Type of Press Lithuanian language gaming website. Date of Request: June 2006 Interviewee: Paul R. Statham, PR/Community Manager at BIStudio. Journalist Contact: Vytautas B...


Operation Flashpoint 3 Operation Flashpoint: Elite videos

User made videos from the Xbox version of OFP 'Landing' ... features: Waves and a working lighthouse. http://files.filefront.com/ofpe_landing_trailer_v2mpg/;4839367;;/fileinfo.html 'Lighthouse' ... features: It's nearly all guard waypoints in action. http://files.filefront.com/ofpe_lighthouse_tr...


Operation Flashpoint SGC Area 52 Screenshots

Stargate Mod Team has posted a bunch of cool screenshots on their site.


Operation Flashpoint Napoleonic Mod Screenshots

The Napoleonic Mod has posted 2 nice screenshots of their Winter French and Russians units.


Operation Flashpoint Operation Carrot - Buildings screenshots

Ag Smith released multiple screenshots of the buildings he is creating for the Operation Carrot Mod.


Operation Flashpoint Unsung Mod - US Special Forces Screenshots

4 new screenshots of the Unsung Mod. "These are pics showing our units ingame and exposed, under fire and posing for the camera. These units do not engage in cross boarder ops into laos or Cambodia.....honestly!"


Operation Flashpoint Waffen SS Screenshots

2 screenshots of his retextured WAFFEN SS troops of World War 2.


Operation Flashpoint ADF Mod - F-18 Hornet Pictures

RicoADF from the Australien Defense Force Mod Team has a couple of F-18 Hornet pictures for us.


Operation Flashpoint House Divided II Screenshots

American Civil War House Divided mod. It will be released for both for both Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault. There are some screenshots below.


Operation Flashpoint Nature Pack European 3 Screens

Berghoff has released 2 more screenshot which show off his Nature Pack. Check them out below.


Operation Flashpoint Los Alias Mod: Alien Dropship Pictures

SpecOp9 has several more screenshots for the upcoming Los Alias mod. You might want to scroll down and take a look.


Operation Flashpoint Mapfact Project Screenshots

A few images that were posted on the Mapfact Forums. Below you'll see some terrain screenshots along with a pond.


Operation Flashpoint French Ambulance and Police Pack Screenshots

Will Mardigras has a few screenshots for us about his soon to be released pack.