Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint Happy Thanksgiving

From the OFPfiles and ArmAfiles team we wish all the USA and military members away from home a happy and safe holiday. Remember not to drink and drive!


Operation Flashpoint Nephilim Interview

Recently, I have Interviewed Nephilim, Founder of the now sleeping USCM Mod, Based on the Film Aliens, She has fulfilled the most probable dream of many a mod maker and now actually works for BIA, the Australian Branch of BIS. Read The Interview Here.


Operation Flashpoint Operation Flashpoint Ivan and the Serpent Part 1: Prologue - Comic Book Series

Sputnik Monroe has said on the BIS Forums that he started making an Operation Flashpoint comic book series. It's a very original idea. I will post each episode here as they come out. While messing with a screenshot in photoshop I found a sort of cool filter that reminded me of a comic book. One t...


Operation Flashpoint Latest Poll: Armed Assault and OFPFiles

In our latest poll we asked you if you thought Armed Assault, a spin-off game from Bohemia Interactive Studios, should be given its own dedicated site on FilesNetwork or be merged with OFPFiles. This poll was a closely fought battle, with the scores being very close. 51.6% of you thought that...


Operation Flashpoint Gamecloud's E3 Impressions of Bohemia Interactive

Here's an interesting article I found on Gamecloud about their impressions of Bohemia Interactive. This article talks about the Operation Flashpoint port to Xbox as well as a few other projects that Bohemia has lined up. Here's a snippet from the article: Long before the Battlefield series was...


Operation Flashpoint OFP E3 2005 Impressions

On the PC, Operation Flashpoint was a realistically designed military shooter set in 1985, during the cold war conflict. You played the game as multiple soldiers stationed on an island in the North Atlantic, which was then invaded by Soviet forces. The island itself was the entire scope of the game'...


Operation Flashpoint Weekly Poll: If OFP2 is based on real events.....

In the last week we conducted one of our most successful user polls ever. We asked you "If OFP2 is based on real events, what era in the main campaign would you most welcome?" and you responded brilliantly. 23.7% of you thought it should be an Iraqi conflict; 20.4% thought it should cover World...


Operation Flashpoint Weekly Poll: Is the latest FlashFX Pack worth the 750Mb filesize?

This week we conducted a poll asking if the FlashFX Units Replacement Pack 3.5 was worth its hefty 762Mb download size. The results were as follows: Yes - 69.6% No - 30.3% The overwhelming majority saying yes obviously concludes that the FlashFX pack is well worth the download, and is much...


Operation Flashpoint Weekly Poll: Do you have the Resistance expansion pack for Operation Flashpoint?

Our recently conducted poll has allowed us to find out a bit about the versions of the game we all own. We asked if you had the Resistance expansion pack, and we found that 79.5% of you do. This justifies why mod/addon makers usually make addons which require Resistance as most of the communit...


Operation Flashpoint Red Hammer Studios - New Domain

http://ofp.gamezone.cz/news/pics2/rhs_mainlogos.jpg Red Hammer Studios, the team behind some highly successful addons, have moved their site to this new domain. Update your bookmarks!


Operation Flashpoint OFP Anim Center tutorials

OFP Anim Center have posted some tutorials for OFP-Anim 0.98 concerning installation, use of the program and creation & configuration of a static position. My aim is to bring you my knowledge in order to enable you to create your own anims or improve existing addons.


Operation Flashpoint OFP flash game

Jarf made a mini flash game based on OFP. Pretty nice. Check it out here.


Operation Flashpoint OFPFiles Interview With Colonel_Klink

OFPFiles.com has recently interviewed the master addon maker, Colonel_Klink. You can find the interview in Staff Articles. Click here to go straight there. Colonel_Klink's Homepage


Operation Flashpoint Face Pack

It includes lots of new faces. Pretty cool. More info and pictures here DOWNLOAD


Operation Flashpoint Mission Editing Guide

Gamezone.cz have received an e-mail from khartak about his mission editing guide. khartak has sent us a email, and informed us that he has finished translating his Mission Editing Guide into english. This guide has comprehensive explanations, and various mission editing techniques as well as oth...


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