Operation Flashpoint

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Operation Flashpoint JP mod news (again one? :) )

Wingsken has decided to share some info upon his upcoming Jurassic Park mod. Hi, u might have stumbled on my last addon, jeepw18 (which was just a test to see if people still wanted a JP mod :D) So I'm putting some screens up to show u what i had in mind of doing. Its going to be a free roam Jur...


Operation Flashpoint FFUR 2006 v2.5 ACU

Leader of the FFUR 2006 mod is currently working on new versions of the ACU soldiers which have reached Beta v0.99. After several hours of work, 6 ACU models variants are now available (including 2 new models 100% ACU) : -US Army Rifleman (100% ACU : ) without kneepads. -US Army Rifleman (100...


Operation Flashpoint Battlefield 1939-1945 - Battletek Mod

No, this is not a mod in OFP recreating BF1942, if that's what you first thought. Battlefield 1939-1945 is obviiously a WW2 mod which puts you in the boots of a US paratrooper in the bitter fighting of Normandy during June 1944. - One campaign featuring the diary of Private John Davis (82nd PT)...


Operation Flashpoint FFUR 2006 Patch Information

Let me tell you that the FFUR patch is very close to being released and the development that it has been under was intense so all of the bugs that was in the first version of FFUR 2006 are gone. FFUR team leader Thunderbird84 has released a list of the features that will be in FFUR 2006 v2. Overv...


Operation Flashpoint LCWF Mod Update

Here are some screenshots from one of the latest and most interesting mods for OFP, the Last Cold War Front. The first screenshot shows off the South Korean Army's Gunship, the AH-1S, which looks quite nifty. The next screenshot is of the ROK Army's UH-60P, with which the helicopter model is base...


Operation Flashpoint LCWF South Korean MP Units

The Last Cold War Front Mod has released several work in progress screenshots of their brilliant looking South Korean Military Police Units. You can see these screenshots by clicking here.


Operation Flashpoint Northern Ireland Mod Vehicles

The NI mod has posted a few screenshots of their two new British vehicles; the Daimler Ferret and the Humber "pig".


Operation Flashpoint New ADF mod pics

Okay now we have some new ADF mod pictures here , 2 of the Joint Strike Fighter , then 2 of the NH90 , then one of a 737


Operation Flashpoint ADF mod update

Okay here we have a new update from the adf team. "G'day, ADF mod has released some pic's of our F-18 Hornet and M113AS4. We have also released a small video showing off the Kangaroo's jumping about on Malden. We are also in need of any good coders and scripters, if you could help please e-...


Operation Flashpoint ADF mod releases model pics, help still needed!

An ADF Mod member dropped by to inform us that his mod is still active, and to spread the word that they are in need of some texurers. We have the LRPV model ingame and approx 90% complete (just needs tuneings and some variations, eg MG version made). Mod is still alive and kicking. However,...


Operation Flashpoint Unsung Mod: Special Forces Screenshots

"Basically there are two types tiger stripe and ERDL "flower power BDU". There are a few more units which will be revealed the same way but I'm only 80% done on them so they will be held back for now. There is one more set of pics to follow which will show these units in their full glory."


Operation Flashpoint Galaxy At War - Screenshots

Some new screenshots of the upcoming Galaxy At War Mod.


Operation Flashpoint GDI Soldier Preview

GDI Soldier of the Tiberian Genesis mod. Check it out.


Operation Flashpoint Homer Simpson Project

Ruppertle is working on his newest project: Homer Simpson. Other characters, buildings and many more stuff known from The Simpsons are already in work.


Operation Flashpoint WH40K Screenshots

On the pics you see the imperial baneblade, the A/A tank hydra, imperial attack chopper vulture, imperial bomber marauder, the eldar speeder and the thunderhawk.