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Aircraft CSJ Hueys Pack

CSJ has created a new Huey and Huey MedEvac pack. Additions are flat deck models of UH-1D M260 and M261, plus an unmarked verssion of Charli...


Units Barbarian Addon

While they may be many other attempts at swordplay, this latest attempt is plug and play. Load up the addons, give it a SAD or HOLD waypoint...


Islands BergHoff's Nature Pack 3 (Nordic)

Nature Pack 3 (Nordic) V 1.03 BETA has finally been released. Check out the screenshots below.


Vehicles OFPL BRDM-2

It's manned by standard BIS East crewmen (gunner & driver) and can hold additional three passangers. The vehicle contains standard BIS ammo...


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Video VME - IA Fire Suppresive System Video

Show several new choppers and many more improvements it show our latest AI improvement,Fire Suppresive System,this is really thing...


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Video Galaxy at War: Battle Of Genosis Video

Short video of the GUI and the V19 that are part of Galaxy at War: Battle Of Genosis. There's also a couple of images below.


Aircraft Mi-8 Our Weapons

Mi-8 Pack V1.0 release. This pack contains 2048x2048 textures. Features: -Animated windows, doors. -Random board numbers, with save\l...


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Video Conspiracies Trailer

Battletek has released a new Trailer of their upcoming Conspiracies II showing off ingame footage.


Islands Experimental City Island

Experimental City Island, features: # Empty large sized island with 80% flat land with 20% hills # Modular non fixed buildings-office/go...


Vehicles LVTP7 V2

Second version of LVTP7 (completely remodeled and retextured). This is a must have so check it out.


Vehicles RHS: T80 Main Battle Tank Pack

T80 Main Battle Tank Pack v.1.0 containing older B and newer U series. Features: - Accurately modeled simulation - Tank suspention -...


Campaign Anjou 44

Just weeks after the successful D-Day landings, Allied forces have begun pushing further into Nazi-occupied France. We have reports of inten...


Mods Vietnam: The experience - Patch for open beta 2

This patch fixes many problems and adds three new missions. You can find the full changelog below.


Mods Our Weapons Project: Pilots Pack

Here is the latest Pilots Pack by Laser. Changes in this version include: - New models - New textures - Added new variations of pilots...


Aircraft F-4E Phantom II of The Iranian Air Force

This addon proposes two versions of the Phantom II in use in the IRIAF: a ground attack and an Air Superiority, each one in a particular pai...


Vehicles BW Mod - Unimog

The Lkw 2t tmil gl, which is better known as the Unimog U 1300 L, is a medium sized off-road vehicle and in service with the German armed fo...


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Vehicles BW Mod - Dingo

The Dingo 1 (ATF2) is designed to provide better protection against mines for personnel participating in peacekeeping operations than offere...


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Mods BW Mod - Basic Pack V 1.6 Update

Due to the many changes an update was released. There are some config changes and a cool P2A1 gun which is reason enough for this update.


Ships CSJ US Navy PACV MRF Boats

CSJ US Navy PACV MRF boats, these navy vehicles will get you over the water nice and dry.


Tools, Utilities & Scripts RuckSack Addon

This Addon.pbo containes several Rucksack models and a radio equipment. Rucksack and radio as well are secondary weapons, they cover the LAW...


Mods Retextured Malden 2048

Amazing Retextured Malden. The island features 2048x2048 textures and comes at hefty 350Mb


Aircraft Mirage 2000

Mirage 2000: # Add a flare script (visual effect only) # Missile AS30L can lock a target designated by laser designator # New sounds for...


Aircraft F14 Tomcat v.0.5

F-14. Add a landing hook. Added 9 new "skins" for hidden selections. New sounds for weapons. Modified lighting for hidden sections. Small...


Mods Spanish Army Mod

The Spanish Army Mod also known as the Fuerzas Armadas Mod has been released today. The FFAA Mod features many already known addons and 51 n...


Vehicles WP Soldiers

There are a lot of fixes and additions, just to mention the most important ones: - new BRDM 2M96 - new Star 266 truck - brand new hi-po...


Missions & Maps Mission Surrendered

NATO forces are trapped at the end of an island. Resistance forces are closing in. NATO has lots of M-16s, and Resistance has only 2 guys wi...


Missions & Maps Liberate Town

You are with a Soviet special forces team and you must free a city occupied by NATO military police.


Missions & Maps Broken Light House

You are returning from training with the Popular Militia. You are going home when your boat runs agound on an island. Now you must find a wa...


Weapons FN P90

This addon contains 8 variants of the FN P90. the weapon names are: CH_p90(normal sites) CH_p90_tac...


Aircraft Kamov 52

Evgeni has just released his Kamov 52 Alligator.


Tools, Utilities & Scripts CSJ Nam revetments

Three different revetments style based on Nam war Era.


Aircraft IkaR's F14 Tomcat

IkaR released his new F-14 Tomcat. Versions: # F-14 Tomcat (AIM-54) – 2 AIM-9 & 6 AIM-54 # F-14 Tomcat (AGM-65) – 2 AIM-9, 4 AGM-65 & 3...


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Video Operation Flashpoint: Elite Trailer #2

Second trailer showing off gameplay footage of Operation Flashpoint: Elite. Operation Flashpoint: Elite retains all the depth and immense...


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Units NorFor Regular Soldiers 1

This module contains Norwegian army soldiers in Norwegian camouflage for environments such as woodlands, winter and desert http://scre...


Aircraft Dassault Mirage 2000

IkåR has released his anticipated pack. The Mirage Pack includes : # Mirage 2000-C (Magic II) # Mirage 2000-D (BGL 1000) # Mirage 2000-...


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Campaign Conspiracies Mod - English Campaign Fix

The Conspiracies Mod have made an English Patch for there campaign. The missions will now have english subtitles.


Scripts Kegetys' DXDLL

This is the esteemed DXDLL from Kegetys, which enhances the graphics within the game through use of post-processing and by forcing trilinear...


Units Norwegian Armed Forces (Winter)

This is exactly what the title implies, the Norwegian Armed Forces infantry pack has been modified to a winter version. Check out the screen...


Units Ironsight's Libyan soldiers

Ironsight's Libyan soldiers, adds 6 different libyan units.


Weapons Hoyt's Big Weapon Pack

Total of 53 Weapons included in the pack.


Skins "Large" Runway Texture pack 1, RKSL Studios Release

The pack contain 104 unique 512x512 tiles that are based on the standard BIS Nogova B1.paa texture.


No Screenshot
Video OFP:Elite Video Mission: Near la Trinite

OFP:E Video by Paul R. Statham of Bohemia Interactive Studio!


Video OFP:Elite Video Mission: It's a steal

OFP:E Video by Paul R. Statham of Bohemia Interactive Studio!


No Screenshot
Islands Kronö Island, Small Island project

this is a public beta version (v5.5)


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Weapons Laser US Weapons Pack Patch

Patches Lsr US Weapon Pack


Units US Navy Seals Pack

US Navy Seals Includeds desert, jungle, and woodland camo schemes.


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Single Terminator III Mission

T3 mission by XPETIT using his terminator addons.


No Screenshot
Single Terminator II Mission

Terminator II mission using the Terminator addons by XPETIT


Single T850

XPETIT made this T850 addon.


Units Terminator T800

XPETIT made a new T800 check it out.


Weapons LaserGun

XPEIT made this cool terminator laser gun.


Vehicles HunterKiller

XPETIT made a new version of the HunterKiller with better textures.


Aircraft HK Aerial

XPETIT released his HK Aerial with updated textures.


Miscellaneous Custom notebook

Gachopin make a nice laptop that replaces old laptop with a new modern one.


Mods Swedish Forces Pack Patch

SFP 4.0.1 the first patch


Units United States Marines Pack

Some of the best marines for ofp by SafteyCatch.


Mods Turkish Union Addon Pack

Adds many high quality turkish forces to the game.


Vehicles OFP Need For Speed

OFP Need For Speed Mod as seen on http://www.ofpec.com/ and mirrored on OFPFiles.com. Includes over 70 vehicals.


Aircraft BWMod Tiger

The UH Tiger combat support helicopter by BW mod. Basic Pack Required. http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/BWMod_Basic_Pack;47742


Weapons Syphboy's H&K P9S

Details: As you can see, 2 versions - standard and suppressed. Oxygen-made models. 450 & 500 faces each (not including zaslehs). Animate...