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Weapons H&K MP5 Pack

This is a new weapons pack for OFP. It allows you to play with a few more weapons and other stuff. More details can be found below.


Mods Swedish Forces Pack

Over 50 small arms and support weapons are available, over 250 soldiers to choose from in the mission editor. You can drive around the count...


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Video Operation Flashpoint: Elite [Xbox] Trailer

This trailer shows off some Xbox footage for Operation Flashpoint: Elite. Operation Flashpoint: Elite retains all the depth and immense c...


Mods Yugoslavian Wars

This is a newly released mod which is entitled Yugoslavian Wars. It adds many new things to the game and is based off Yugoslavian, of course...


Mods Y2K3 7.3 Patch

New: *T72 (east & res) from ORCS *T80 (east & res) from ORCS *M2 (East) changed to the CSLA mounted dshk (same hight as the orginal M2)...


Aircraft RAF Chinook

I'm proud to release my reskinned version of the BIS CH47. I have to first thank Rock and NZXSHADOWS for their help, support and hard work....


Video Part 1 Of Conspiracies

This is a trailer for Conspiracies, STALKER for OFP. The movie shows some ingame clips of weapon fights and such. Check it out!


Vehicles BWMod Leopard 2A Pack

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank that entered service with the German armed forces in 1979, being developed following the failed US-Germa...


Vehicles BWMod Leopard 1A5

During its service period between 1965 and mid-2003 the Leopard 1 main battle tank proved to be a rugged and reliable weapon system. This fi...


Mods BWMod Basic Pack

The Basic Pack contains a set of German infantry weapons and soldiers. Additionally it contains configurations and scripts for vehicles and...


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Video Tiberian Genesis Build Menu

This is a short video which gives you an idea of how the Build menu will look in this mod. It's a very interesting movie and the team has d...


Skins Large Face Pack

This face pack includes over 200 faces by HIS and WIP teams and 2 by an unknown authors.


Aircraft B-52 Stratofortress

B-52 Stratofortress FEATURES - 84 x MK82 bombs - 20mm Vulcan Tailgun - Bombbay doors - Undercarriage - Dragchute Virtual Bomber FE...


Units DSA productions Seal Unit

Nice US Navy Seals Team by DSA mod.


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Video Everon Defence Force Sight Test

This short trailer shows some action with their new sight which is now attached to weapons. It's a work in progress movie clip.


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Mods DMA Animation pack nextGen

The next gen pack is inspired by screenshots of OFP2, featuring completly new animations, these animations have a complete new feel to it.


Mods DMA Animation Pack

the DMA animation pack 1.1 is the overworked DMA animation pack 1.0, the "classic"


Units DMA Sniper

Enhanced AI snipers. They engage with deadly accuracy at extreme ranges (with a significant delay between shots).


Units DMA Williec Oil Worker

New oil worker units, to go with the Oil themed DMA-LIBYA map. Are also included in the DMA-LIBYA download.


Weapons DMA M202A1

An entirely new type of weapon, never seen before in OFP. Based on a real world weapon.


Aircraft Israel Army F-16

Israel Army F-16 Fighter Jet! Very nice.


Aircraft Y-Wing

-lasercannon -ion cannon -proton bomb -different colors


Aircraft A-Wing

-lasercannon -concussin missiles -different colors -repulsorlift


Aircraft Star Wars Tie Pack

Everything has been made by me. Im a great STAR WARS fan so i wanted to continue my first TIE Pack (June 2005). You are free to use anything...


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Campaign Dynamic Afgahnistan

The whole country is at war again. The land is in a state of constant chaos since the withdrawal of the Coalition Forces. WarLords and th...


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Single DMA Last Fight

This mission is to be considered open source for island makers , not having mission making knowledge, but wanting to release their island wi...


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Units Williec generic resistance

New resistance units, featuring a new model. Are also used in the DMA-ARMY modpack.


Mods DMA Army modpack

The same functionality as the DMA Naval modpack, but uses different units. Featuring Williec new resistance units. A "light" unit repla...


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Addons DMA Libya Addons

Addons needed for DMA Libya island.


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Mods DMA Naval modpack

A "light" unit replacement config. Replaces the default OFP units with a range of community addons. - Improves sounds, visuals and gamepl...



An island based on Libya. It was designed from the ground up to be mission-friendly. AI pathfinding, good frame-rates and interesting locati...


Missions & Maps DMA Dynamic War SP template

An addon-free template to allow anyone to create their own dynamic missions with any island and units they want


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Campaign DMA Coin Co-op Engine

An addon-free engine that allows anyone to easily create dynamic coop campaigns. Features modular scripts for easy unit/weapon replacement.


Islands C Site Island

When JP Beta was out I decided to make small fast island for multiplayer missions with dinos. But finally the island is much more bigger and...


Tools, Utilities & Scripts Laptop Addon

I wanted a laptop to fill a slot in my new mission. I didn't want it to do anything, just be used like the NamPack radio. Everything that y...


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Video Emergency Response Team Movie Clip

This movie shows you some functions of the mods Ladder Truck. This is new mod which will focus on Emergencys. You can also see a few other v...


Aircraft DKM Mi28

Adds a great looking Russian Mi28 to the game by the DKM team.


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Video American Civil War Cavalry Clip

This is a very short clip of the Cavalry unit which will appear in this mod.


Mods JAM3

JAM stands for Joint Ammo and Magazines. Its purpose is to allow multiple weapons in OFP to share common ammo and magazines. JAM3 was rel...


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Video Swedish Forces Pack Trailer

We've decided to release a video demonstrating the Swedish Army's mechanized battalions - The MekBat. Great video! Worth the download for...


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Weapons SJB Weapons Pack

Here are the class-names for all the weapons included in the pack, in the event you wishto add them to other units (I apologise if I've mis...


Mods Farmland Generator

This AddOn consists inside of units capable to generate scenery objects of the mission. The "farmer" can plant four types different from v...


Campaign The Last Months In Vietnam

Your a normal grunt that is transfered at the beginning of the campaign to aSpecial Forces base. Here you will spend your last few months in...


Vehicles Jawa 250 Mod

Based on one of the best models p3d of the BIS. It contains two modifications of the model Jawa.p3d


Islands Island Kronö

This is version 0.8 of the Island Kronö. Fixed for this version is alot, cant count them all :P


Weapons Hoyts East Weapon Pack

This new pack adds some new weapons to the game. Check the screenshots for more details!


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Mods Realistic Config V1.2

This is the latest version of the Realistic Config modification for Operation Flashpoint Resistance.


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Mods LegaWarz Beta 1.1

Beta v1.1 of Lega Warz for Operation Flashpoint from bradman.


Vehicles Mercedes 600 SEL Fixed

The previous Mercedes 600 SEL had a small fault, at the actionmenu for doors, hood and trunk. This has now been fixed.


Mods Chechen Insurgents Mod

Hello everyone. This is a slightly modified version of the recently released Chechen Isurgents mod by Saddam with English instead of Russian...


Vehicles BW Mod: Dingo

This is one of the standard vehicles the German army, also known as Bundeswehr, use for operations in desert and dry areas. Definatly worth...


Ships Zodiac Hurricane

This is a transport boat equipped with a single M2 Machine Gun. As this is still a beta there are still a few geometry bugs, and the boat s...


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Video Fort Of Korinth Preview

This video is a preview to a new upcomming mod for Operation Flashpoint, based on a storyline around an old Fort in the 18th and 19th centur...


Aircraft PedagneMOD Chopper Pack

ASZ_ItalianChoppers.zip contains the most common choppers used by Italian Navy and Army. All AB series start from ASZ_AB205 with some elemen...


Vehicles Bwmod Leopard 2A6

The Leopard 2 is a main battle tank that entered service with the German armed forces in 1979, being developed following the failed US-Germa...


Tools, Utilities & Scripts Map Oil Addon

Oil-Addon features * Completely MP compatible * Two different types of pipeline, both walkable * Quick and easy building of...


Vehicles Trishaw - Saigon Taxi

CSJ has released a Trishaw, a Saigon Taxi. This addon is mostly for fun and can go very well in Vietnam missions. This taxi is available in...


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Co-Op Operation Pandora

This is a mp-coop map. Tested on Resistance 1.96 The mission is only for 1-6 player. One player has to be soldier nr.1, means (alpha blac...


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Single Snow and Blood

Take the role of the Wehrmacht Rifleman at the Leningrad front in winter 1942. Relive the frightening moments of the brutal war which was ra...


Single Operation Hexenjagd

Yesterday at night, there was a squad of our paratroopers dropped to the island of Hexenwald, in the North Coast of Germany. According to ou...