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Islands CJE Island Pack

This is an island pack and it contains 9 islands! 1.Winter Nogova 2.Winter Malden. 3.Winter Everon. 4.Desert Nogova. 5.Desert Nogova...


Weapons Cold Whisper .308

Modified Colt M4 for Winchester .308 Whisper Ammunition


Vehicles Nuclear SCUD Launcher

New Features / Fixes Improved Targeting, Improved Radiation Detection And Damage, Improved Chemical Detection And...


Tools, Utilities & Scripts BBQ Addon

This will add a BBQ to OFP. Made for by birthday celebration :p (Yes, and the obviuos bordum element).


Aircraft CSJ Pilatus Porter PC-6

Flies like a dream and comes in different verisons, including a rocket-armed one. The transport version is simply brilliant for paradrops (n...


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Weapons AKS-74U 'Shorty'

AKS-74U 'Shorty' Assault Rifle for Eastern forces.


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Weapons SimonPro's Smoke Weapons

This addon comprises of three new weapons, and three new units. All of these are based around the concept of a smoke grenade launcher. Fir...


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Weapons SCO M16A1

SCO M16A1 Assault Rifle New M16A1 Sound and Permanent Full Auto mode In MissionEditor: You'll see "SCO M16A1 Assault Rifle Man"


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Weapons M70AB2 P3D MOD & [SV]Soldier

70AB2 P3D MOD & Soldier addon by FlipeR The package contains 2 addon files which adds 1 weapon and 3 new units: -the M70AB2 gun...


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Weapons M4A1 Silenced

This adds an improved silenced M4A1 to your collection, with new textures and sound.


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Weapons AKMS

-- UPDATED -- This adds the AKMS - the assault rifle which is used by the Polish army. The AKMS uses 7.62 mm ammo, and can be equiped wit...


Ships Japanese Destroyer (3 types)

Akasutki Imperial Japanese Destroyer.


Ships Cargoship

A large red and black crago ship.


Ships Tarawa-Class and LCAC

A landing ship with capabilities to launch aircraft from it's desk.


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Ships Soviet Destroyer

Sovremennyy Class Destroyers by Philcommando


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Weapons M3A1 Grease Gun

Adds the M3A1 'Grease Gun', conataining: -new model -new textures -new firing sound-new reload sounds -added weaponmagazine briefing...


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Weapons Colt Commando Carbine

This adds an edited model - the Colt Commando Carbine with new textures, a new firing sound and a unit on the west side which carries the...


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Weapons MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher

This add-on provides Western forces with the MK19 Mod3 AGL. Adds unit to: West>Armored>MK19AGL Notable Specs for the "real thing"...


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Weapons M4A1SD

--- Updated --- A supressed M4A1 assault rifle, including: -New P3D Model (an edited version of Hubba's Silenced M4) -New Soun...


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Weapons M16A1

This addon adds the SJBM16A1 Full Auto, and the SJB M16A1 Assault Infantry man to your WEST/MEN pull down selection. The addon is also re...


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Weapons MACS M2-A

Croatian heavy sniper rifle. Demo mission included.


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Weapons M21 + Ariel

UCE M21 1.00 Featured weapons: classname:uce_m21 description:retextured M21 with walnut stock Featured units: Arielthe sh...


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Weapons M4A1 Carbine

The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsibl...


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Weapons M14 US Army Rifle

This adds a M14 US Army Rifle. to add it as a weapon use : FILOM14 to add magazines use: FILOM14


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Weapons SMC Launcherpack

This addon adds 4 new Missile Launchers to OFP: This Launcherpack contains 4 new missile launchers, all launchers have : * An euro-wood...


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Weapons AGS-17 Grenade Launcher

Adds an AGS-17 30mm automatic grenade launcher for East and Resistance. The AGS-17 fires up to 6-7 grenades per second in autofire, and it...


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Weapons M24 SWS US Army Sniper Rifle

This adds a new sniper rifle, with new textures, sound and optics


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Weapons Dberka's Scoped Weapon Pack

This addon by the Austrian Scripting Front, aka David Berka, adds four Commando weapons to OFP, which equip a new sight, a tactical 2x-4x "...


Mission Packs German Front Missions

A couple of missions created by one of the OFP Files members, Godfather. They were intended to be part of a campaign but that has been aban...


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Units Dutch Red Berets Soldiers

This adds the Dutch Red Berets, includes new textures.


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Units Spetsnaz Type 5

A variant on Russian Spetnaz skins by Ash Dutton.


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Units Portuguese SpecOps

Units Included: POR Spec Ops Officer POR Spec Ops Sniper POR Spec Ops XMS POR Spec Ops LAW POR Spec Ops Engineer All the units i...


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Units Portuguese Commandos

This addon adds the Portuguese Commandos Version 1.0 they include original cammos berets and insignias.


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Units East German Soldiers

East German Soldiers Soldiers are mainly armed with the MPi AK-74N assault rifle provided in the EastWeapons addon. The camouflage is...


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Units Jungle Resistance

Jungle Resistance 1.10 Important notice! If you previously downloaded the UCE EastPack 1.00, you have to remove the uce_eastunits.pbo fro...


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Units East Mercenary Army Fast Strike Team

The Fast Strike Team are a special team of the East Mercenary Army, grouped in two teams for Day Missions and Night Missions,included are 1...


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Units Kosovo Liberation Army

UCE Kosovo Liberation Army 1.10 Important notice! If you previously downloaded the UCE EastPack 1.00, you have to remove the uce_eastun...


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Units Russian Federation Naval Infantry

Russian Federation Naval Infantry with brown camouflage, soldiers and an officer. Includes wound textures. Grouped under East, UCE Russian...


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Units Yugoslav Army

This add-on contains the Yugoslav units, retrieved from the original UCE_EastUnits.pbo. Nothing has been changed from the original. UCE'...


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Units Desert Speznas

* Here comes a good MPlay speznaz unit. The Camo is fiction and made to fit the desert and mountain colors IN THE GAME. * IMPORTANT!! REQUI...


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Units Soviet Army Uniform - Paratroopers

Provides retextured Paratroopers forces for the Soviet army.


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Units Soviet Army Uniform - Light Infantry

Provides retextured Light Infantry forces for the Soviet army.


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Units French Navy Spec Ops

French Navy Spec Ops: "Commandos de marine" This add-on contains two units from the "Commando Hubert" platoon. A ship assault unit (w...


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Units Portuguese Regular Army

This addon adds the Portuguese Regular Army. Units Included: POR Regular Officer POR Regular Soldier POR Regular Grenadier POR Regu...


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Units Portuguese Rangers

Units Included: -POR Ranger Officer -POR Ranger Soldier -POR Ranger MGunner -POR Ranger Medic -POR Ranger Law -POR Ranger Grenadier...


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Units Dutch Army Commandos

This add-on adds the Dutch Army Commandos (Green Berets). They include original camo, green beret and insignia. The major task of the KC...


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Units British Secret Service

This addon includes British secret service units to the west side. These units work well with the SAS sniper. The .pbo file contains:...


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Units FIA+ pack

This addon contains 8 new unofficial units that are in no way connected to the activities of BIS. The standard units are a resistance sni...


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Weapons RPK-74

-- UPDATED -- This adds the RPK-74 - a light machine gun based on the AK-74 rifle and unit using it (on East side). The P3D model was cha...


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Units Navy Dress Uniform

This addon adds a single, unarmed unit in a naval white admiral uniform.


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Units Italian Desert Paratroopers

This Addon provides Italian Paratroopers units (with 9th regiment "Col. Moschin" sleeve patch)in Italian Desert Camo. Mostly of them ar...


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Tools, Utilities & Scripts West Medic Tent

This adds a new field hospital under Empty/Objects. It has healing capabilities and looks like the other two western tents except that it ha...


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Units San Marco Battallion (Italian Marines)

This Addon adds Italian Marines Units. Most of them are equipped with the SteyrAUG instead of Beretta AR70/90 because some real special uni...


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Ships Mark Duo Pack

This addon adds 2 New Boats to OFP: -SMC MarkV -SMC MarkVI *The SMC MarkV is a fast support and assault ship, armed with a 30mm Canno...


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Units Royal Marines Commandos

This addon adds the Royal Marines Commandos. Units Included: POR Royal Marine Officer POR Royal Marine MG POR Royal Marine Medic PO...


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Units British Light Infantry

This addon includes British Light Infantry to the west side. They have some interesting weapons including a Magnum Warfare. The .pbo file c...


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Units C47 Pilot

This is the pilot for the C-47 Syktrain by WWIIEC


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Units Soviet Army Uniform - Marines

Provides retextured Marines for the Soviet army


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Units Forest & Desert Snipers

Forest and Desert snipers using photo-textures of dried grass and evergreen tree branches. The desert sniper works well with desert Everon a...


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Units Carrier Crew

5 new aircraft carrier flight deck personel. Each crew member's duty is on the back of their uniform. Hopefully we'll get an aircraft c...