This mod brings the Portal gun to Overwatch!

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

I'm sure there's no game that wouldn't be made at least a little but more entertaining if it featured the Portal gun, but for Overwatch players, that reality is now, thanks to this amazing mod that lets you create and use fully fledged portals!

It really works as you expect, too - you can fire it onto surfaces to make blue and orange (well, yellow) portals, which you can hop on through and use in all manner of creative ways. The physics and momentum work as you'd expect, too, so speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out...

This means you can launch yourself to silly places, just as you can in Portal, and while there's obviously no puzzle to solve, it does let you explore in ways never before.

You can give it a go now by using the code BE2J7 in then newly launched Overwatch Workshop. 


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