Pharaoh v1.1 Patch - French

si_pharaoh_enhancepack_fr.exe —


The latest official patch for Pharaoh.




Mission Editor: You can now access Pharaoh's powerful mission editor through the main game menu. Please refer to the mission editor manual (Mission Editor Guide.txt or Mission Editor Guide.pdf) for instructions. You can view the Mission Editor Guide via selecting Help: Mission Editor Guide from the Mission Editor menu bar.

New custom missions: New stand alone custom missions have been installed in your Maps folder. Many of the missions have text files associated with them that briefly describe the mission.

All of the January 2000 contest missions are included. Required Housing Level for mission completion is now displayed on the Ratings Overseer panel.

Windows 2000: Sound is now enabled under Windows 2000.


Some campaign missions have been tweaked to allow players to recover from decisions that lead to critical trade goods becoming unavailable. A campaign mission must be started fresh for this to take affect; loading a saved game (including selecting Replay Mission) will not start an updated campaign mission. If you are in the middle of a campaign, missions you have not yet played will be updated.

Some campaign missions have been tweaked to make them more playable.

Monument construction foremen are more intelligent when giving feedback on why monument construction has halted.

Missions can no longer be won if all ratings are achieved and a monument is nearly complete.

An uncommon occurrence where stone masons disappeared while working on pyramid complex causeways has been fixed.

Rotated Temple Complexes can no longer cause crashes if an overlay is selected.

Dock trade problems caused by Ra blessings have been resolved.

Caravans will no longer become stuck near Storage Yards if the Ferry Landing they would like to use is unstaffed.

Situations where monument construction could be halted due to stone/brick mason behavior have been fixed.

Storage Yards and Granaries can now spawn labor seeking walkers while the buildings have two cartpushers active.

A problem with very long load Pharaoh start up times related to network settings has been fixed.

Carpenters Guilds only consume 100 units of wood when creating a carpenter.

A situation where soldiers embarking/debarking on transports caused the game to freeze was fixed.

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