12 professional PUBG players banned for cheating

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

PUBG cheating has always been a notorious issue, and despite major improvements recently, it's still a hot topic. It's a bit of a shock to learn, therefore, that TWELVE pro players have now been permanently ousted for cheating, or allowing other players on their team to cheat.

It follows a massive global investigation by PUBG Corp into cheating at pro level. There were four other pro players banned in December, too, bringing to total since December to 16 pro players now banned.

Four of the pro players banned in this latest wave were caught while cheating during public games, and six other players were found cheating during competitive games. They all get two to three year suspensions from professional competition. Two further players, while they did not cheat themselves, also got 3 year bans for allowing other players in their tame to cheat.

We believe that condoning the cheating activities of teammates to share the common benefit should be as severely punished as performing the activities itself … two other members of Sans domicile fixe will also be receiving a three-year suspension on the grounds that they were fully knowledgeable about their teammates’ using an unauthorized program during PEL Qualifiers.

The total list of the banned pro players are;

  • Cuhris
  • Liammm
  • DevowR
  • Tefl0n
  • Papaya
  • Cabecao
  • swalker
  • zuppaa
  • Houlow
  • sezk0
  • Avalon
  • Smitty
  • S1D
  • THZ
  • Fr_Steph

The group Sans Domicile Fixe are now out of the contenders league, with all of it's players having fallen victim to bans, although the team is alowed to return in future competitions if it finds a brand new roster. Teams Red Diamonds and Pittsburgh Knights may also face the same fate if they can't replace their banned players.

So all in all, a huge shake up to the competative PUBG scene, but a welcome one, and a great message that PUBG Corp are doing the right things to stamp out cheating within the game.

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2 years ago by Alice Windy

Only very dishonest people use cheats in games of this type. Just don't understand why pros use them if they are playing well without cheats. Punishment is fully justified in the current situation.