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Try to find the escape without dying!


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Try to find the escape without dying!

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Readme File:
Readme File:
TITLE**: Tech Chamber Test A11 Rebuilding - Single Player Map

AUTHOR**: MrDirectX

E-MAIL**: mrdirectxcom@alice.it

WEBSITE: http://halflife2.filefront.com/developer/MrDirectX;20472

FILENAME: testchmb_a_11_rebuilding.bsp

FILESIZE: 5.04 Mbyte

DATE RELEASED: 5 July 2008

CREDITS**: This map is property of author "MrDirectx" and I authorize anyone wanted link in just site, but remembering it self to insert my nick name like author.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract the "BSP" and to copy it in the folder of "maps" of Half life 2, for example: C:Program filesSteamSteamAppsmrdirectxportalportalmaps

COMMENTS: The map does not have an obliged end, the game will end when you decide it.

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