Portal: Test Chamber 74 (1.0 fixed)

This is Mek's first Portal map. It is large and of intermediate difficulty. Having completed all original Portal maps along with their advan...


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This is Mek's first Portal map. It is large and of intermediate difficulty. Having completed all original Portal maps along with their advanced version is a big advantage! :)

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Name	                : Test Chamber 74
Version                 : 1.0 fixed
Author                  : Mek
Website                 : http://mekweb.eu
Description		: Large map of intermediate difficulty. My first one for Portal.
			  It's a big advantage to have completed the original game with 
			  advanced versions of the original maps.
			  Have fun with it, and remember, no cheating! :)


Game                    : Portal
Map Type       		: Singleplayer (of course)
Size of the map         : Large
Package contents	:
			  /S_74_?.jpg (5x)
Custom content		: A few textures, modified shaders, two sounds and one scene
Mapping time		: 4 months on and off, which is way too long...
Compile Time		: 41 sec (VBSP), 1 sec (VVIS), 10 min 35 sec (VRAD)


Brushes			: 2787
Faces			: 17383
Vertexes		: 17434
Entities		: 1679
Overlays		: 407
Distinct textures used  : 87


Installation		: Open the .bmz file in the game under the Bonus maps menu and then
			  under the button Import bonus maps...
			  You won't probably need the "scenes" folder, because the only one
			  custom scene rarely works. From what I know, it will work for those
			  players, who have Portal set for not using the GCF files, but
			  the extracted files in Portal directory instead.
			  If this is your case, then just move the "scenes" folder into your
			  "portal" subdirectory of your main Portal directory.
			  It should ask whether to overwrite the "scenes.image" file.
			  Backup the original one (just in case) and overwrite it with mine.
Uninstallation		: Delete the following:
			  /portal/maps/74 (whole directory)
			  /portal/maps/soundcache/74 (whole directory)
Known Bugs		: The energy ball, the only one in this map, might bounce in a weird way,
			  under weird angles and so on. I don't know how this might have happened,
			  because all the bounce places are in an exact 45° angle.
			  I couldn't have done much about it, except of placing some clip brushes.
			  The rotating door is black from side, when opened. Again I have tried to
			  fix it, but not with success. Nobody even realizes :P
			  And the last bug, is with the custom scene.
			  A scene contains what GLaDOS talks and in which order etc.
			  So if you don't install my scene, there will be one warning about
			  a missing scene in the console and nothing else will happen.
			  In my scene, GLaDOS should speak
			  "Time out for a second, that wasn't supposed to happen"
			  after three cubes are dropped from the box dropper instead of one.
			  You might, of course, find an alternative solution to some puzzle,
			  a shortcut, or whatever I forgot to fix, so sorry for that :)


Credits			: ThinkingWithPortals.com for being the most valuable source for Portal mapping
			  Aldéz for his prefabs which speeded up my mapping a lot
			  Curuj (my brother), Tiim - for betatesting which revealed many bugs
			  Valve for their great games, and you for downloading and playing this map :)
Permissions		: You can play this map, you can even decompile the BSP file and look
			  how things are done, but you cannot copy-paste things from this map.
			  This archive (rar/zip file) may be distributed as a whole only and intact,
			  of course with the readme files and other files included.
			  You may not distribute this map commercially without my express permission.
			  If you would like to include it in a mappack, you must contact me first.
			  If you want to sell it on a CD/DVD/... then contact me first,
			  and I would like to receive that CD/DVD... free of charge ;)
Date			: 13th July 2008


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