Portal: Weighted Companion Cube Map

This is the author's second Portal map and contains puzzles designed for weighted companion cube use. This map also won a map Contest at [u...


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This is the author's second Portal map and contains puzzles designed for weighted companion cube use. This map also won a map Contest at ThinkingWithPortals.com. All Puzzles work 100%.

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Download 'cpm_wccmap.rar' (2.49MB)

        TITLE**: Cow's Portal Maps - Weighted Companion Cube Map
        AUTHOR**: MrCow
        E-MAIL**: [email protected]
        WEBSITE: http://www.pwc-clan.de 

        FILENAME: cpm_wccmap.bsp
        DATE RELEASED: 17 December 2007

        CREDITS**: To DeadRockstar for additional ideas ,SkaveRat for testing and Valve for Portal, the Hammer Editor and everything else. 
                   And of course the whole ThinkingWithPortals Community for voting, help and critic!
        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract the file into your #:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps'username'\Portal folder.
                                     To play the map, run Portal, go to bonus maps and click on Weighted Companion Cube Map. 
                                     If this does not work for some reason, open the developer-console and type “map cpm_wccmap” then hit Enter.

        DESCRIPTION**: My second Portal map and contains puzzels designed for weighted companion cube use. The Official Release of the Winning Map of the November Mapping Contest at ThinkingWithPortals.com. 
                       All Puzzles work 100%.

        BUGS: All known Bugs are fixed.


                  Official Release Version Changes:

                  - added an image in the bonus map selection screen
                  - added new gravity effects and indicators (special thanks to MrTwoVideoCards)
                  - added one additional autosave
                  - added proper use of func_portal_bumper where needed
                  - changed extraction folder (!)
                  - changed the layout of the 5th test-room a little
                  - changed some triggers ,so players can (hopefully) not lose their weighted companion cube
                  - changed the position of some decals
                  - changed .bns file
                  - changed readme file ;)
                  - fixed the invisible door bug in the last test-room
                  - fixed an error with a model that would appear in the console
                  - fixed one door getting black on open position
                  - removed visible nodraw textures

                  ThinkingWithPortals Mapping Contest - November 2007 Requirements:
                  1.) Player must be given one, Companion Cube in the map.
                  2.) Each puzzle must require useage of the Companion Cube to be completed.
                  3.) At the end of the map, the player must be forced to euthanize her Companion Cube before being able to finish. 

                  Questions that you may ask yourself: 
                  Q: When I didn't like/hated your previous map, why should I download this?
                  A: This map is completly different from my previous map in term of gameplay, contains new and unseen puzzles for portal and is better lighted than my last map.
                  Q: How did you do "insert part of the map here"?
                  A: Write me an email and I'll answer your question ^^.
                  Q: Will you continue to work on the cpm_chamber series?
                  A: Yes, I will start to work on cpm_chamber_2 and probably chamber_3, now that i've completed this map.
                  Q: Why is your english so bad and your writing style so strange?
                  A: Because i'm from germany and i'm used to write different.. 

                  Ideas to make this map better? Found a bug? Questions?
                  Send an Email to
                  [email protected]

        **Required items:  A working Computer with Mouse, Keyboard and everything else you need to play.

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