Postal 2_AWP_Nudes

212435-5673-Postal 2_AWP_Nudes.zip


Nude Skins by Denadin....4/2018 V.2

Postal 2 and P2 Share The Pain

Apocalypse Weekend + AW Paradise (7 days)

All female Characters, female Zombies, postal babes nude!

And your favorite female gaming characters nude!

Additional Nudes!!!

Check out the game's signage, posters, paintings, arcade games,advertisements, labels, game graphics, billboards and noteboards are also modded with nudity. Some are my own creation and the rest are adapted from my other nudepatches from my website. For me this makes replaying Postal 2 games worthwhile!



Dowmload the Patch:
1. Postal 2 + AWP

How to Install
There is a nudepatch folder for Postal 2 + AWP

I had tested this nude mod with Postal 2 GOG (Good old Games) version of the game (up to version 5021). I believe the Steam version of Postal 2 AWP will also work as well. 

There might be some glitches, but they are minor and not related to the mod. I suggest that you update your game to the latest patch if you have trouble.

1. For Postal 2 + AWP:
In the Postal 2 main directory you copy and paste "ShareThePain", "System" and "Textures" folders overwriting the files. 

For example: 
C:/Program Files/Postal 2/Textures/ChameleonSkins.utx,....etc

2. Bonus!
My friend Trainhobo117, who had been testing my P2 mods, does alot of work on the older games creating sound mods. I asked him to make a selection of his weapon mods to include in my Postal 2 nudepatch and I suggest you give it a try. I also give props for his good work on the heads for the game!

4. for the "Share The Pain" feature, 
I believe the multiplayer is no longer available. However do launch the game to view my nude version of the animated intro. If you are the few who still enjoy the multiplayer feature then copy and paste the texture (.utx) files from the main game directory into the STP "Textures" folder and the nudes should show up there.

This nude patch can be distributed freely as long as it is 
unaltered, in its original form and credited to Denadin.


7 months ago


I have a problem with your mod (Although I doubt that someone will be able to answer me, but hey I don't lose anything trying)

My problem is the following:

For some unknown reason, your mod changes my language, which is Spanish, to yours, which is English (it only changes the language to English in the things we have to do on the to-do list in the game)

Now what I wanted to know is that there is some way to correct this, since for my part my English is basic and I still don't fully understand the words

Can you help me?


a month ago

Hola VeteranoColosal. Mira puede ser que el mod venga con un archivo txt o algo (no sé como sera en el Postal 2, pero en otros juegos los titulos y esas cosas que tienen un idioma especifico estan como archivos txt en los archivos para hacer más facil su traducción), vos reemplaza el archivo con los titulos en inglés por uno que este en español

-Saludos, un tipo random que por casualidad se topo con vos.