Bite Me - Music Inspired By Prey available at DirectSong.com!

By Mr. Greg 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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On the 3D Realms forums, the user nickmur has posted an advertisment for DirectSong.com, which is currently selling "Bite Me - Music Inspiried By Prey," a collection of music inspired by, and including some some bytes from, Prey... [quote]Now that you've all started to experience Prey, it's time to take it to the next level! Check out the newest addition to Prey's line up of critically acclaimed soundtracks - "Bite Me." "Bite Me," available only at DirectSong, will get you pumped to kick some alien butt with brand new songs by After Midnight Project, MXPX, and Halifax, as featured in Prey. The album is a great mix of rock, punk, and electronica that also includes new music from Nick Murray, Reel Big Fish, Cicatrix, Opiate for the Masses, Amber Pacific, DJ X, Codemonkey, and others. The music on "Bite Me" is truely inspired by Prey. Many of the songs actually contain samples from the game. All of the songs reflect Prey through combining Native American and Alien themes in the music or through the lyrics that portray Tommy and Jen's relationship. Click here to download "Bite Me" now at DirectSong.com[/quote]

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