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Official Prey Wiki Launched

By Mr. Greg 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Jole Siegler has announced the launch of the official Prey Wiki on the 3D Realms Website: [quote]Available now is an information wiki from Human Head, Venom, & 3D Realms. It's available here. This is a non editable wiki (which means it's only editable by us). It's purpose for existing is to disseminate information about the game to the public from the developers. Not a general Wiki like Wikipedia where everyone can edit pages. The first batch of information from Human Head is available now. This consists of some tutorials on how to use Preditor to do various things. There is also some general information about the gamee, plus a copy of Lon Matero's excellent "History of Prey". Future updates will include information about patches, more tutorials, and other relevant information from the developers. Check it out today![/quote]

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