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Pre-Load Steam via the Triton Download System!

By Mr. Greg 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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If you'd prefer to get Prey upon release directly to your system, no boxes, CDs or anything, then 3D Realms' newest announcement is for you! They've made known that Prey is now available for Pre-Load through the Triton download system, which allows you to download most of the game to your system before launch, then a small portion when launch occurs, letting you play the game immediately once the game is released. Here's what Joe of Siegler of 3D Realms had to say about it: [quote]Prey is now available for preload on the Triton download system. If you pre-order the game through Triton, you can begin pre-loading the game on your system. If you pre-load the game this way, you will be able to play immediately upon the game's release. Here's some details from Triton: Pre-ordering is now available through the Triton Player for $49.95 by clicking the "Preload Prey" box. By pre-ordering you will be able to start playing Prey within minutes of the release at 12:01 a.m. on 7/11/2006. In a little over a week you will be able to start pre-loading Prey so that there will be no wait once the clock strikes midnight. You can also check out the Prey demo via the Triton system as well, so check out all the digital distribution goodness for Prey at Triton's Website ([url]http://www.playtriton.com/prey/[/url]).[/quote]

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