Prey Tournament for Australians and New Zealanders!

By Mr. Greg 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Cyber Slam is sponsoring a multiplayer Prey contest for gamers down under. Here's some more info, from their website: [quote]Cyber Slam will be conducting the tournament for the soon-to-be-released FPS, the majority of which is to be held online. The finalists will be flown to Sydney for a gruelling grand final LAN showdown. The current format will involve 2-vs-2 team deathmatch, and players from all over Australia and New Zealand. More info will be forthcoming so watch this space. [/quote] Be sure to head over to [url=http://preytournament.com/]Cyber Slam's site[/URL] if you live in the region to sign up!

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