Prey Weekly Development Update #23

By Ronnie 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Chris Rhinehart posted another weekly update for us to enjoy. Even though we already mentioned this earlier, Prey is gold! All that awaits us now is the game to ship to the retail outlets where we can grab a copy. [quote]After five years of development, Prey is done and on its way to manufacturing. It's a good feeling. No, it's a great feeling. Of course, like any project, there are a hundred little things I wanted to fix. But there comes a time when you have to stop and agree that it's time for the game to escape into the world. Understandably, spirits are really high here at Human Head. We just went gold, and last week the PC demo was released to an amazing amount of praise (a huge thanks to everyone who emailed us to say congrats -- we all truly appreciate the letters of encouragement).[/quote] [url="http://www.3drealms.com/news/2006/06/prey_weekly_update_23.html"]Read more![/url]

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