PREY xCOMP MOD and a 1vs1 Community CUP

By Ronnie 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Since a long time there is a Multiplayer MOD out for PREY, but most of the people don't know it. The Mod is called xCOMP. xCOMP stands for: Xtreme Competition Mod. The Modification xComp is a fast patched Multiplayer MOD for Prey. xComp is a Competition-MOD and imporves the Multiplayer-Mode and the Gameplay of Prey and gives more fairness, better weapon and item balances into the Multiplayer of Prey. Also the Movement is tweaked so that you are able to do strafe-jumps. The MOD is only playable with the newest Version of Prey which is at the moment 1.4 and on Servers which runs with the xComp MOD. At the moment 2 Servers are running with the mod: The 1) is the "DarkSideGaming" Server and 2) is "GoodWire.net Arena" Server. The latest Version of the MOD is at the moment 1.24a. The mod offers you also fresh new Hit-Sounds and Brightskin-Models. More information about the mod can be found on. Also the MOD developers are planing at the moment a PREY 1vs1 Community CUP. The Cup will be called: xCOMP 1vs1 Easter Cup (The Last Prey Cup on Earth). More information about the Easter Cup such as: Mappool, Rules, How to Register etc. will as soon as possible on the xCOMP Website. The Winner of the Cup will be announced as: "The Best Prey Gamer on Earth" http://xcomp.kilu2.de http://xcomp.kilu2.de/wiki.htm

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