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Mini-Mods Prey FullShadows

Dafama2K7 makes his return to PreyFiles, to provide you with his latest and greatest mod which improves the realism and increases your Prey...


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Mini-Mods Afloren's Portal Wrench

The user Afloren on the 3d Realms forum has modified Sars & Delta's original Portal Wrench mini-mod for the Prey Demo, and has released his...


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Mini-Mods The Portal Wrench

As the version implies, this incarnation of the Portal Wrench mod is a bit easier to install and run. Here's what Delta noted about it:...


Mini-Mods Rotoscope For Prey

This interesting mod changes Prey's graphics to a Rotoscope-style, and is very well-done.


Mini-Mods Ambient Light Mod

This mod increases the Ambient light around the player in the game, making darker areas lighter. A few examples are shown in the screenshot...


Mini-Mods Fragger's Crosshairs

This simple mod makes the crosshairs in Prey more visible, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


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Mini-Mods White Lighter

THis mod simply changes the color of the lighter in the game from yellow to white, allowing, as the author says, better screenshots of gamep...


Mini-Mods Tommy Loading Screen

This mini-mod changes the loading screen of Prey to a picture of Tommy, seen below.


Mini-Mods Prey-4-Faiakes Mod

This is a simple weapons and gameplay mod. This is not meant to be played on the starting level but for the one that follows. Ma...


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Mini-Mods LDAsh's Custom CFG & Full Console List

This mod by LDAsh gives the player a custom config file to do many tasks in Prey with but a few simple keystrokes, as well as gives a list o...


Mini-Mods Posessed Children

From the Readme: Description : This small mod aims to transform spirits of children into real possessed children with some graphica...


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Mini-Mods Death Mod

Hate Deathwalk? This mod's for you then; It removes Deathwalk so that when you die, you're dead. ;)


Mini-Mods Dragula96's Arrow Gun Mod

This is an interesting mod that makes the standard infantry rifle's projectiles with spirit arrows.


Mini-Mods Hunter Deathmatch Mod

This is a single player mod which places the hunter monsters onto multiplayer maps. You start alone on the map. You can move around and p...


Mini-Mods Next Generation Prey Shaders

These are some VERY nice shaders for Prey that I would definitely recommend you download. Dafama has really done a good job with these!


Mini-Mods Enhanced Shaders for ATI/Nvidia Chipsets

This is Version 1.3 of DaFama27k's ATI/Nvidia Enhanced Shaders, an excellent update to an excellent modification!


Mini-Mods Enhanced Shaders for Nvidia Chipsets

This is Version 1.3 of Dafama2K7's Enhanced Shaders specifically for Nvidia chipsets. Enjoy!


Mini-Mods YAFM-HL Prey

***PREHISTORY*** First, a little history. Like many others, I was somewhat irritated by the very, Ve...


Mini-Mods Chromatic Dispersion

This tweaks the fantastic chromatic dispersion shader from the RealSceneGraphManager to get rid of the red bar on top of the screen....