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Patches Prey Patch

This is the official Prey Patch, Version 1.1 Here's a full list of the changes: * Multiplayer bandwidth optimization to allow bett...


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Patches Prey Linux server 1.1

A new patch for Human Head's shooter Prey is now available. This patch makes the Linux server compatible with 1.1 clients. You will need a...


Patches Prey PC Registered v1.2 Patch

The "new content" patch has been released. Available now for the Xbox 360 and the PC, this content includes new multiplayer maps and ski...


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Patches Prey Linux Dedicated Server Binaries 1.2

Linux dedicated server files for Prey, requires you to own a copy of the game. Compatible with the game's 1.2 release.


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Patches Prey Registered 1.3 Patch

This is the 1.3 Patch for Prey. There are no bug fixes/content in this patch, the only purpose of this patch is to allow PC Users of the ga...


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Patches Prey v1.4 Patch

This update includes compatibility files for the Japanese release of Prey. It also removes the disc check from the game. There are no bug fi...


Patches Prey Linux Server

This patch makes the Linux server compatible with 1.4 clients. You will need a copy of the retail game for the data files.


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Patches Prey v1.3 Patch

A patch updating Prey to version 1.3. It allows PC players to play against the Mac version.