Afloren's Portal Wrench



The user Afloren on the 3d Realms forum has modified Sars & Delta's original Portal Wrench mini-mod for the Prey Demo, and has released his version, which is for the full version of Prey. Here's some details about his personal changes to the mod:

I've modified the wrench a bit for fun and I thought you guys might like it too. the wrench now cycles between portals, instead of picking the two spots then opening the portals then subsequently having to close both of them before opening a new pair, it now simply drops the oldest portal and opens a new one at your location. Your charactor now swings his wrench when you open the portal as well, some people had asked for other animations but frankly I'm lazy and something about swinging a wrench like a magic wand to open interdimensional portals just makes me laugh. The primary fire now also "fires" a portal, it will appear 100 game units away from whatever wall you are looking at, this portal is even more prone to clipping errors than the normal one, however it's simply too fun not to have. Unfortunately until hh releases the sdk there isn't much more we can do, for example without being able to code a custom projectile, it is impossible for the "fired" portal to align with the wall ala the half life 2 portal gun. Finally, simply for ease of use I have placed the portal wrench in its own mod, simply unrar the Portal Wrench folder into your prey folder ( not the base folder ), then when you start the game up click on mods and you should see portal wrench listed, after activating it the wrench will be replaced with the portal wrench!



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