Brilliant Highlights

This is a mod by Dafama2k7 that changes the shader in Prey to make them more realistic and 3D.


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This is a mod by Dafama2k7 that changes the shader in Prey to make them more realistic and 3D.

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Brilliant highlights NG
Ver 1.0


What is it?

A modified shader for Prey that gives high quality dynamic highlights and enhaces the 3D look of the surfaces.

- Dynamic highlights. 	Using the original specular mapping from the game, my shader adjusts the highlight falloff separately per pixel.
- Highlight masking. 	Like in the built-in shader, the specular map is also used to mask the highlights from less shiny surfaces. 

- Removed plastic look & added Metallic look !!! (by DFM).

- Compatibility. 	Any hardware capable of the ARB 2.0 path can run this mod. 

- Performance. 		BH mod favours math power over memory bandwidth as this is the current trend. 

# Brilliant highlights ver 1.0			        3.7.2007
# Version history
# ---------------
# 1.0  # Removed plastic look & added Metallic look !!! (by DFM).
# 0.60 # Lost cause makes a return, also a backlight idea...
# 0.50 # Redesigned specular lights to reflection vector model
# 0.40 # Redesigned whole lighting, now specular is independent of diffuse
# 0.31 # Finally a working result combining with .30 and .21 strenghts
#	   Also, no boosting or overshooting needed anymore
# 0.30 # Rewamped result compositing to MUL based (no glow in the dark)
# 0.21 # Spied the Quake4 shader and found some performance tweaks
#	   Few performance tweaks for my own code as well
# 0.20 # Finalized the pow range and overshoot/boost values

So how do I install?

Extract the folder named glprogs to your base folder and "Dynamic highlights NG" will be used for all the Prey's mods that do not use any other glprogs folder. The mod will then be automatically (and allways) enabled.


Sometimes you might see yellow or green objects that are not supposed to look that way. Very rare tough. Just keep in mind, this is a beta release, it has been only tested in a number of levels.

You can use only the interaction.vfp, removing the other files that are inside glprogs folder, but the interaction.vfp file !

Remember that the glprogs folder is not a MOD folder, it's a folder to be added into base folder or into any other folder mod, ok !!!

What else?

For the more tweaker in heart; you can adjust the minimum and maximum power and the minimum mask within the shader. The comments describe how.


Sure; mail me at


See Prey eula. Also, if you want to use my mod, ask. Not that I wanted to say no, just that I know. And credit me where required.

* The included comparison pictures have bhmod enabled on the left and disabled on the right.

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