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This is a Prey Launching program that allows you to start Prey with a variety of settings or tweaks enabled. Be sure to check out the Readm...


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This is a Prey Launching program that allows you to start Prey with a variety of settings or tweaks enabled. Be sure to check out the Readme to find out all that this handy program can do!

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Download 'd3ad_connection_prey_launcher.zip' (22KB)

Prey Launcher v2.10

All of this was made by d3ad connection.

Heres a short explaination of all of the options and such included with this release.

-==< Video

- Quality override
Will override your current quality settings, by executing premade configuration files created by Human Head that are included with Prey.

- Refresh rate override
Overrides Prey's refresh rate.

- Resolution override
Overrides Prey's current resolution. This option includes lower resolutions not found on the in-game menu.

- Cull back-faced polygons
This will remove all polygons behind the player, improving performence.

- "Jitter" effect
This is an effect that makes everything shakey. Not used in the game (normally)

- Filtering override
This will override the OpenGL texture filtering. Nearest is the most performance improving, however looks horrible. The default setting is Trilinear.

- Aspect ratio override
Overrides your current aspect ratio.

-==< Modding

- Developer mode
Enables developer mode, which posts some data onto the screen during gameplay.

- Quicker console access
Enables accessing the console by just ~ instead of the normal Ctrl+Alt+~.

- Start user map
This will allow you to start a custom user map.

- Start specific level
This will start a level, however, you have no weapons, and no spirit powers. You can get them by using the console command "give"

- Launch mod
This will launch a mod by it's folder name.

- Disable sound
This will disable sound, useful for seeing if you crash from something sound-related.

- Low quality sound
This will use lower quality sound, improving performance.

- Reload scripts
Reloads scripts. I have never had to use it, but people insist you do, when using script mods.

- Enable Mods (Demo)
Allows mods in the Prey Demo. PK4 files will still prevent the game from running, however. Also, certain files cannot be changed, like the "strings" files.

-==< Little changes

- FOV override
Use if you do not like the default 90. Lower numbers can improve performence, but make the screen appear larger as well.

- Load last quicksave
Loads your latest quicksave.

- Low memory config
Executes the low memory configuration. Good for improving performance.

- Skip intro quotes (Demo)
Skips the quotes, and goes directly to the menu.

- No muzzle flash
Removes the muzzle flash from weapons to improve performance.

- No blood effects
Removes blood.

- Show FPS counter
Displays a little FPS counter at the top right of your screen while you play.

- Enable "Lag-O-Meter"
Enables a small meter at the bottom of your screen when playing MultiPrey that shows the lag intensity.

- Thirdperson death
When you die, you will get a thirdperson view of it.

- Thirdperson view
Enables thirdperson view, if you want to play like that.

- No in-game messages
Removes The "Leech", "Game Saved" and other HUD messages.

- "Mother's Embrace" fix
I have read on the 3D Realms forums about a problem with Prey that causes some people to crash while Prey was loading the Mother's Embrace level. A fix was found, and I have added it to the launcher. Enable this if you get the crash.

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