LDAsh's Custom CFG & Full Console List



This mod by LDAsh gives the player a custom config file to do many tasks in Prey with but a few simple keystrokes, as well as gives a list of all Prey's console commands.



PREY LDAsh's devcheat CFG & full console list

Put this CFG file into your base folder in your PREY game folder, and execute it in the console with:-
exec ldashprey.cfg
Or you can attach it to the end of your game shortcut by adding it to the end like this:-
...prey.exe" +exec ldashprey.cfg

Here's a quick list of how the CFG works.  It contains CHEATS but I strongly recommend not using them (with the exception of perhaps E (timescale) slow-mo mode in very tough situations, but that's a personal choice) and enjoy the game the way it's supposed to be enjoyed.  This is mostly intended for people that have already finished the game and want to have some development shortcuts to explore/appreciate the game a little deeper.  This CFG contains some extra options you may want to revise before you play, so just open the CFG file with Notepad or something and make the changes you want to, just delete the binds and save it.  You might want to delete all lines that begin with "seta" too.

 - Development
 F12 	- 4000x3000 screenshot
 M 	- Clear screen for screenshots/movies
 P	- Pause game (no menu)
 N 	- Return screen to normal
 J 	- "Blacken" the game (helps wireframe)
 / 	- Cycle wireframe views
 Z 	- Toggle weapon (hide/display)
 YUI 	- Toggle weapon position
 O 	- Return weapon position to default
 CTRL 	- Toggle HUD (hide/display)
 \|	- Toggle dragentity mode (drag physics objects)
 T	- Toggle player shadow (hide/display)
 [ 	- Cycle FOV (field of view)

 - Cheats
 E	- Slow-mo mode timescale
 ;	- Toggle timescale slow-mo
 '	- Toggle timescale fast-forward
 ENTER	- Reset default timing
 L	- Toggle jump-high mode
 INS 	- No clip mode (ghost/fly mode)
 DEL	- No target (invisible to enemies)
 HOME 	- God mode (invincible)
 END	- Give all (all weapons/ammo/items)
 PGUP	- Give health (regenerate full health)

 - Third-person mode
 KP-5	- Toggle 3rd-person mode
 KP	- Adjust 3rd-person views
 F10 	- Activate 360 3rd-person view
 X	- Look-behind view

Also included is the entire list of all console commands and variables (cvars) that you can bind in the CFG file, for example you can include:-
bind "B" "toggle pm_runspeed 220 640"
Now B will toggle your maximum run speed to very fast and back again, although this is definitely cheating.  You can do this with pretty much any command in the list, so have fun!
All of these commands work in the console too, bring it down anytime by pressing CTRL+ALT+~
dated - 060817
Any questions, contact:-

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