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This is the newest version of Martin 'DI-MeisterM' Müller's Prey Server Launcher, which now runs off of the dedicated server executables,...


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This is the newest version of Martin 'DI-MeisterM' Müller's Prey Server Launcher, which now runs off of the dedicated server executables, instead of the main prey.exe. The source code for the program is also included.

Note that even though the readme indicates that this is the 1.1 version, this is indeed Version 1.2.

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Prey Server Launcher v1.1
by Martin 'DI-MeisterM' Müller

1.) Introduction
2.) Installation
3.) De-Installation
4.) Release Notes
5.) Contact
6.) License

1. Introduction

This program will help you to launch a Dedicated Server for the Retail Version of Prey. It supports the Prey Windows Dedicated Server binaries and the Prey Linux Dedicated Server binaries. 

My program is GUI based so it will run on Windows operation systems and Linux with Desktop Envirnoment (KDE, Gnome,...) installed.

The Prey Server Launcher is also Java based. The only requirement is the Java Runtime Environment 1.5.x. You can download it for free here:

2. Installation

Extract this zip file contents to your Prey folder. For example to "C:\Program files\Prey". That's all! Now just launch the "preyserverlauncher.jar" OR "preyserverlauncher.bat" (Windows only!) file. As I said before, my program needs the Java Runtime Environment 1.5.x installed on your system.

3. De-Installation

If you want to de-install the program, you have to delete following files and folders:

4. Release Notes

Version history:

- added Prey Windows Dedicated binaries support
- updated the source code

- added "net_port" cvar
- added Linux Support (for Desktop Environment, not console)
- source code release

- initial release

5. Contact

Please only email ( if you need help with the program. NO suggestions please. Add suggestions/opinions to the comments right here:

6. License

This program is freeware and open source. You can give and copy it to everyone you know. But please include ALL files. It will help people to install/use the program. Have fun :)

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