Quake 2 is getting Ray Tracing, for FREE, and it looks AMAZING

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Back in January, a little known project by developer Christoph Schied was released to the world, which added an effect known as Path Tracing to the original game to create realistic lighting effects within the existing Quake 2 game world.

Well that project has caught the attention of NVIDIA, who have now announced they'll be collaborating on a brand new, purely ray-traced version which will render everything including lighting, materials, reflections and shadows with ray tracing.

The new version will feature changing, controllable time of day, sunlight, indirect illumination, refraction, reflection and transparent surfaces, as well detailed rough surfaces, particle and laser effects, and ray traced environment maps including skies and clouds that adapt to the time of day.

Included also is a new flare gun, that you can use to bring light to darkened areas, and it even has SLI support, a technology that NVIDIA has been slowly putting to one side of late.

The game will be released for free by NVIDIA in April. Stay tuned to GameFront for more on this as get it.

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3 years ago by GuyNamedErick

I would probably prefer a retouch on Quake 1 and finally do some justice in making it look graphically stunning instead of jarring, looking at you Darkplaces. I have to say, Quake 2 never looked so much better, it doesn't look too out of place with the style of the game, and I'm glad!