Quake 2: REdux v0.22



||Quake 2: REDUX v0.22 by Woju

||contact: https://fb.me/voipns

||Single/Multiplayer mod. Aim for this mod is to make the game more dynamic, alive, a bit more realistic and fresh.

|| There are definitely Half-Life and Counter-Strike influences. Original game is really stiff and I want to change that.

||This includes Major and many minor changes, like AI behavior - enemy will react when they hear your footsteps, 

||so this kinda makes sense to walk by default and run when the run key(+speed) is pressed. Damage, damage radius

||revamp, weapon recoil(even reloading of BFG xd), damage knockback. Enemies deal realistic damage etc. This is work in 

||progress. Feel free to send me any tips what would you like to change/add. I'm a beginner in C++, but have major Pawn

|| experience.

||Whats new since first(lame) version? 


||Well everything is really polished now and pretty much done (for now at least).

||All weapons have recoil and inaccuracy based on current speed. You can now climb over obstacles by holding jump key.

||I've expanded and hardcoded head and weapon bobing. It kinda feels like q3, but that wasn't intentional. 

||Added locational damage by Paril: https://www.moddb.com/members/paril . Added Gladiator bot support. To use the bots

||copy all files from gladiator folder to redux folder except gamex86.dll.

||It's time now for testing, tweaking and balancing.

||Included moded shotgun model cause I didn't like the silent cocking after switching to it, so now it ||just switches normally. I forgot to put the model in previous version.

||Some bugfixes and fine tuning.

||What's next ?



||Further improving AI.

||I would like to mess around with player speeds, but the engine kinda forbids that.

||Switching to Q2PRO source code base.

||If someone would do animations and detail the v_models I could implement iron sights for some weapons. ^^


||Features (as far as I remember):


||Improved AI, they duck/dodge alot and anticipate shots. Soldiers now are really powerful and have powerscreen.

||Gunners can now accurately shoot upward and downwards with grenades.

||Start with easy mode, as it is really hard. Nightmare("skill 3" in console) is theoretically unbeatable.

||Skill 0 (i can win): you receive only 5% damage

||Skill 1 (medium): you receive only 10% damage

||Skill 2 (hard): you receive only 50% damage

||Skill 3 (nightmare): you receive 100% damage

|Damage list(few algorithms applied after that).


|Blaster: 30 dmg, fires faster.

|Shotgun: 12dmg/pellet/12pellets, fires faster.

|Super Shotgun: 14dmg/pellet/12pellets, fires faster.

|Machinegun: 20dmg.

|Chaingun: 25dmg, much slower acceleration, but accelerates to 50 shots/s instead of 30/s.

|Grenade Launcher: 120dmg, fires faster, grenades are 2x smaller so they match the view model, no smoke trail, shoots farther.

|Rocket Launcher: 100+20random direct + 100+20random radius, fires faster, slow and accelerating to high speeds.

|Hyperblaster: 20dmg.

|Railgun: 200dmg, about a second of charging before firing(like gladiator in single player), additional "reload" effects. :)

|BFG: 500/300dmg sp/mp, 35cells per shot.


|Explosions bounce off items(which respawn at their original position), grenades and rockets. They also provide concussion

|effect, including railgun.

|Neck shot = 2x dmg, headshot = 3x dmg, stomach = 1x dmg, legs and arms = 0.66x dmg, chest = 1.2x dmg. Falling damage is 

|about 2x higher.



|Megaheath now depletes 1hp every 3 seconds instead of 1 every 1. 250/300/350 max bullets. All ammo pickups give 2x more

|ammo to balance the weapon inaccuracy. Armor shards give 4 basic armor/2 gold/1 red.

|If you like the mod consider donating to: paypal.me/WOJU666 (or any other way)

|This will ensure future updates.


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