Wrath of the Stroggs

A fun Experience for those that like Quake 2 Map packs.


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A fun Experience for those that like Quake 2 Map packs.

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Download 'wots.rar' (30.02MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 5th May 2019 7:58pm

Quake 2 Wrath of the Stroggs.
A fun Experience for those that like Quake 2 Map packs. 

How to work:

After you downloaded the game, open the Quake 2 Wrath of the Stroggs Part 1 .zip file, and move the "wots" file folder into the quake 2 directory (C:\Quake2\ etc.), then, after that, what you need to do is, you need to click on the batch file. Then you Can start your game by selecting Easy, Medium, Hard, Or you can go into the console, and write in "Skill 3" and then Write in "storage_center" then you start in Nightmare Mode.

Last thing you need to do is, make a Quake2.exe Shortcut, and write in the console for skill 0, (easy) 1, (medium) 2, (hard) or 3. (hard+/nightmare) And write in the map file name storage_center.

The Story 

you will need to read in the "story" text file.

Bugs/Weird things

Power Storage: on power storage there is a bug where sometimes a key door won't work, if that happens, just noclip through it.

Mines: A crazy marine in the Mines map is supposed to die from an explosion, very rarely he will survive from the explosion, and will just continue being crazy.

Mining Center: In this map there is a key door that you need to open with the blue key, but, There is a secret blue key that you can get many maps before, for another secret key door. So if you already have the blue key on the Mining center than you can just skip a portion of the map.

Mines Communications: On mines communications there is a bug where a Technician near the end of the map, can go through the wall.

Mining Storage: On the mining storage map you need to deactivate a drill and once you do, the speaker making the sound world/drill3 will still be on.

Mines Exit: The map mines exit is not a complete map So once you get on it you'd probably be like "Why is this map all bright?" Well it is because it is not compilied with Qvis3 or Qrad3, And i tried everything i tried running it overnight, I've tried everything.

Outer Base: There is a secret button that you're supposed to shoot, but you need to Push it, not shoot.

Bunker: The map Bunker there is a weird thing that happens when you spawn. When you spawn you land on top of a broken elevator, And when you move slowly while looking straight foward, You can glitch and the game thinks that you fell from a really high height, so you can take a TON of damage.

Inner Strogg City: there are quite a few bugs in Inner Strogg City. There is a glitch that if you go on top of a building, then you can go inside a secret area, and won't be able to get out, Another on That one of the enemy's on hard mode isn't there , and (This one is just a mess up) Also There is a super tank that spawns at the other side of a door at the end of the map, If you're looking through the door, you can see him spawn.

Strogg City Cargo: in strogg city cargo there are two bugs, one where at one point in the map, a gunner is supposed to come running from around a corner once you activate a trigger, but it doesn't work, and then in the next room, there is a weird glitch with one of the walls, what happens is when you walk in you will see the wall, as if the map were leaked like it is melting on the screen. (This bug also happened on Mines Exit, near the end.)


Also if the batch files do not work, just do the other thing i said in the "How to work".


Liam Balog, Producer, Publisher, and Texture design. And ID Software for making Quake 2.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Epicdude287, Shadowslayer1, and Ewan Balog for testing the levels for any bugs. Epicdude287 also giving me ideas for some of the levels.


Also checkout: Quake 2 by ID Software, (1997)
Quake 2 The Reckoning by Xatrix, Quake 2 Ground Zero by Rogue Entertainment, Quake 2 Zaero (Unofficial) by Team Evolve, And the other unofficial expansions/map packs, Quake 2 Juggernaut by ???, (idk) Quake 2 Oblivion by Lethargy software, Quake 2 Unseen by Tequila Software, And Quake 2 Belly of the Beast by Finko.

Fixes: I changed a few of the maps in the Pak file, i changed map mines exit, and now it finally has lighting, map base machinery and now it has lights in a secret area, i changed bunker, so now you can trigger the other goal, and a help message, and finally i changed strogg city cargo so now the player intermission works.

I also fixed the batch file so now it works in any directory.

I removed the unnecessary gamex86.dll.

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