Modificação single player for Quake2.


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Modificação single player for Quake2.

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Download 'Zaero.rar' (90.65MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 4th May 2019 3:50pm

Quake II may need to be updated on your computer 
before you can play Zaero.  If you're having 
trouble running Zaero please check your version 
number of Quake II.  You'll find the version number 
on the lower right hand side of the Quake II console 
screen (when you start up a game.)  You'll need 
Quake II version 3.14 or higher to get the most 
out of Zaero.  

Known Bugs
Due to a conflict between our ambition and Quake II's protocol, some players
may experience missing sounds in some maps.  Gameplay is otherwise
unaffected from this conflict.

The affected maps are:  zdef1, zdef4, ztomb1, ztomb3.

Plasma Shield SPrites are outside the PAK file
for programming reasons. 

You can download the latest patch upgrade for 
Quake II from

Any future upgrades or free add-ons to Zaero can 
be found at

Additional Fragging Music can be found at 
Order your copy of "Songs for Deathmatch" 
Mention you saw this in Zaero!

Thanks and enjoy Zaero!
Team Evolv

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